Heartbreaking! 200th level college student committed suicide

Heartbreaking! 200th level college student committed suicide

Adekunle Ajasin University student, Akungba Akoko, Ondo State, named Feranmi Fasunle, committed suicide.

Fasunle was reportedly killed by a sniper she drank on Wednesday night.

It was revealed that a level 200 student in the University’s Political Science Department drank the insecticide in her room on Wednesday night and was subsequently taken to the school clinic, but was later sent to the Center. Federal physician Ovo, where he gave the ghost early Thursday morning.

The reason for taking action against oneself is still unknown. In some circles, it was assumed that the deceased was having relationship problems, but some of his friends rejected him as they said he didn’t have a boyfriend.

The head of the Institute for Media and Protocols, Victor Akinpelumi, speaking of the incident, called the student’s death deplorable, saying that there are signs that Fasunle committed suicide for reasons other than relationship problems.

Akinpelumi said, “It is true that she committed suicide. We were not officially notified, but the only information we have is that she caught the sniper and then was taken to the National Health Center and from there was sent to the Ovo Federal Medical Center.

“The accident happened on Wednesday and we didn’t evaluate the results to see if she committed suicide due to relationship problems, but we understood that she didn’t have a boyfriend.

“The doctor who spoke to me said that those who accompanied her said that she was closed to her and that she was not involved in any relationship. So why she did this to herself remains to be seen.

“We will react further if we later find out why he made such a decision to commit suicide.

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