Hell was seen in captivity – Niger passengers were freed (photo)

The bus passengers who were abducted and released in Niger state shared details of their gruesome ordeal.

The passengers were abducted after boarding a bus of the Niger Public Transportation Authority.

On Sunday they were released from captivity.

On Monday, they told reporters in Minna that they had a terrible and terrible experience.

One of them, Hajiya Jummay Isa, said: “They threatened us and beat people.

“They really beat men to death, but all they wanted from us was money.

“They kept asking us for money to save us, otherwise they said they would kill us. We were given dirty water from a stream to drink.

“Their ammunition is out of this world. I have never seen such a weapon before in my life. They have different types of different weapons. “

Muhammad Kindagi, an official with the State Council of Science and Technology Schools in Niger, said: “If we ate in the morning, we would not eat until evening with contaminated drinking water.

“We slept on the bare floor in the bushes. We were not tied, but pistols were aimed at our heads and beat us constantly every day.

“They also beat our women. Among them was a useless one who didn’t care if you were a woman or a man before he started hitting you.

“They beat us with sticks. While they are beating us, they ask to bring money.

“They asked us to forgive them, and we said that we forgave them. We asked them to forgive us too, so that we could leave the bushes. “

Another freed passenger, Hamza Muhammad Bukhari, said: “They starved us because they gave us only a handful of food, which was not enough.

“We boiled rice in contaminated water, and about ten of us took a bottle of contaminated water. We were tortured every day. It was really bad and terrible. “

The released passengers were taken to hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, 27 students, three employees and family members of the State College of Science, Kagara, Niger, abducted last Wednesday, were still in captivity at the time of yesterday’s presentation of this report.

Father of the murdered student Kagar says

The boy’s father, who was killed by gunmen during the attack on Kagar State Science College, Ayuba Dansabe Bawa, said the incident would not stop him from sending his other children to school.

He expressed his condolences during the visit of the Niger State Education Commissioner Hannat Jibrin Salih.

Niger Governor Abubakar Sani Bello said yesterday that the state is under strict control.

He spoke to Minna when federal state legislators paid him a visit in condolence / solidarity over the state’s bandit attacks.

He said the statistics available to him showed that “there are only 4,000 police officers working for the entire state of Niger.

“There used to be 14,000 police officers in the state, but now we have to talk about over 14,000 police officers, especially with the growth of all forms of crime in Niger.

“More importantly, the government needs to invest more in technology to manage security,” he said.

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