History of the Mean Men Association of Nigeria (images)

History of the Mean Men Association of Nigeria (images)

That a new movement has gone viral on the internet is no longer news to everyone on social media:

#stingymenassociationofnigeria. Countless celebrities have joined this movement and it has become an Internet sensation.

Many people do not know the reasons or reasons for this movement, and some already know about it.

Twitter user @StingyMenPro posted on his page the story and reasons behind the #stingymenassociationofnigeria movement, which began to gain traction a few days ago.

@StingyMenPro said that:


The movement went viral in a matter of days and many people are not aware of the reasons or reasons behind this bold movement.

I would be very brief because all the points matter.

It turns out that Nigerian women do nothing but cash out from men. I’m seriously out of work. Nowadays in Nigeria, most women love #olosho just for their big expense.

They want to drive exotic cars, apply expensive creams, wear more timely and expensive clothes, mend expensive wigs, and live in the most expensive homes in the world without a well-paid job.
Where do you think all these expensive things come from?
They are descended from so-called God-fearing men.

The men worked tired, and the holosho came to reclaim their wealth.

To be honest, this is very annoying.

Men are now trying to avoid this crazy shit in the new 2021 as the previous year taught us important life lessons.

Imagine a woman who collected a huge amount of money from a guy just to come to him, but later she survived and still went to look for another man.

He also advises women to stop selling their bodies for money and do a good job this year.

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