Hortom won’t return to APC, Governor Wieck says

Hortom won’t return to APC, Governor Wieck says

Rivers State Gov. Niesom Wyck has denied rumors that Gov. Samuel Hortom is returning to his former party, the All Progressive Congress (APC).

Speaking on Tuesday, December 8, during the commissioning of road projects completed by the administration of Governor Samuel Orthom in the local government districts of Makurdi and Gum, respectively, Vic said that Governor Benue will remain with the PDP.

He said;

“One of the reasons I came today is to dispel rumors that Orthom will be back. We will continue to be together, even if we may be denied the right and intimidated, but it will end.

“There is complete insecurity in this country today, and people say that Governor Hortom will return to the party where he nearly died. No man digs his own grave. God brought him out of the wilderness, and some people say he is returning. Where to return? “

Weik also praised Orthom for staying strong despite the hardships he faced.

He added;

“That’s why we share the similarities, whether someone likes it or not. We must fight injustice in this country.

“Orthom is not one of those governors who shy away from the truth. Whether you like it or not, you will die the day God says you will die. If you don’t tell the truth, you will die; if you tell the truth, you will die. So it’s better to tell the truth and die.

“Governor Orthom was stopped when his men were killed. The main purpose of management is to protect life and property.

“If you cannot protect the lives and property of your people, your government is zero. Because if you provide infrastructure, there must be people who will use it. “

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