How I Escaped the Violence Killed by Serial Murder Suspect Aqua-Ibom – Job Seeker Uncovering

How I Escaped the Violence Killed by Serial Murder Suspect Aqua-Ibom – Job Seeker Uncovering

Blessing Godwin, a female jobseeker living in Akwa Ibom state, described how she, too, was lured to the same place where Inibong Umoren was raped and killed, according to PREMIUM TIMES.

Godwin’s blessing

Miss Umoren, 26, was allegedly killed by Frank Akpan, who, according to police, confessed to being a serial rapist and murderer.

Mr. Akpan invited a recent UNIUYO alumnus for a job interview at Airport Road, at the Ibiaku junction on April 29, but that was the latest news of the deceased until his corpse was found 48 hours later.

The gruesome killing of a job seeker sparked a reaction from prominent Nigerians and groups across the country who continued to demand justice.

Police have promised to report the suspect as soon as the courts resume the national strike.

However, Ms Godwin, another uninformed victim of Mr Akpan, told PREMIUM TIMES on Tuesday that she was invited to the same interview, scheduled at the same location, but could not follow through because she was far away.

His phone number was one of the numbers taken from the Newswire publication. The online newspaper previously published details of Mr. Akpan’s call logs from the mobile operator.

Analysis of the data breach revealed that Mr. Akpan had successively called Ms. Umorin and Godwin.

“Around 13:17 on April 29, Frank Akpan called Heaney Umorin, and it lasted 124 seconds. It’s fair to extrapolate that it was a call in which he gave her directions as to where she should go for the alleged interrogation. At 12:01 pm, he called Godwin’s Blessing, which lasted 147 seconds. Was he chatting with another potential victim of the same trap in the interview? It is impossible to say yet, ”the message says.

The Premium Times contacted Ms. Godwin. Talking about how she almost fell into Mr. Akpan’s trap, she said she applied for the job the day before the intended interview.

“The day before (April 28), I saw an advertisement for a vacancy in a hotel on the Internet. I forgot the name of the hotel. So, I’ve applied for this ever since it was online. They said there would be housing and all that, and I needed a job. So, I applied.

“The next day (April 29) in the afternoon they called me at the number and said that they had seen my statement. I said yes. ‘ Did he say I can come to Airport Road? That there is a farm, and I have to work in the secretariat. “

Ms. Godwin said that Mr. Akpan informed her that knowledge of computer operations is an added benefit, to which she replied that she might be tired because she has been using a computer for a while.

“I said I wanted to come, but I was not in Uyo, but in my local government (Ibeno). He said that I need to send my resume and keep his number as Ezekiel, ”he added.

According to a Google map, the Ibeno local government area is more than 60 kilometers from where the alleged killer was located.

Ms Godwin said she was surprised and saddened when she found out about the deceased’s story on social media. He also prayed for the peace of his soul.

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