“How IGP killed my son by inserting a pistol into my private part” – Mother (video)

“How IGP killed my son by inserting a pistol into my private part” – Mother (video)

“How IGP killed my son by inserting a pistol into my private part” – Mother (video)

A 47-year-old woman, Ms Victoria Agori, recounted how the inspector general of the police surveillance team shot her 21-year-old son Daniel in her presence before stripping her naked.

Victoria, who was filled with emotion when speaking to SaharaReporters during the #ENDSARS protest in Abuja on Monday, said she will not forget the tragic incident any time soon.

The incident occurred on May 11, 2019 at Nyege Close, 4, Gbei Road, in Nkpolu, Obio / Akpor Rivers State Local Government District.

Police branded the victim as a kidnapper and an armed robber before she was killed.

He said that the cops broke into their house and arrested his two sons, Daniel and David, and a family friend, before strangling the life of the first.

According to her, the law enforcement officers first shot her in the leg and then drove the nozzle of a gun into her intimate area, which caused her profuse bleeding.

He also explained that the cops had invaded their home at the invitation of his first daughter, Blessing, who he said was dating one of the officers.

The grieving mother revealed that Blessing threatened to deal with her and other family members over a minor issue.

He said, “The blessing threatened to kill us. He invited the cops. We arrived in two cars and fired into the air. One of the bullets wounded David’s womb.

“They used a gun to hit me and Daniel’s girlfriend. They broke all our loopholes and took $ 200,000 from our house. When they drove us to their base in Aluu, they collected 3000 N3000 from Daniel and used it to buy fuel.

“Two officers forced me to open my legs and inserted a pistol nozzle into my personal unit. I was bleeding, even when I was in their office, blood was everywhere. “

She explained that when she arrived at their office, the police beat Daniel with a pestle and shot him in front of him, adding that the police lied about Daniel being a kidnapper and an armed robber.

“They confirmed that my son is dead. My late son was a football player and loved hairstyles. They claimed to have found a pistol in one of the rooms, but that was a lie. They only say this after killing him. The police lied to my son after he was killed. “

Since then, Victoria and the rest of the family have never achieved justice for their loss and the police attack.

According to her, law enforcement authorities protected those responsible for this terrible act from prosecution, as required by law.

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