How my brother, my wife and their three children died on the same day – says the brother of the late Benue University professor

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How my brother, my wife and their three children died on the same day – says the brother of the late Benue University professor

In this interview, Dennis Mnenger Ityavgjer tells The PUNCH how his brother, wife and their three children died on the same day.

Dennis Mnenger Ityavgjer is the older brother of Moses Tanongo, a late professor at Mkera University, Benue and a graduate student at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, who died with his wife and three children in a car accident on Saturday 10. October. 2020, when she was going to visit her brother, who had just recovered from an illness. Ityavgier tells JOHN CHARLES about his late brother and the tragedy

Your brother, Moses Tanongo, taught at McCar University, Benue until his death. On October 10, he died with his wife and three children. What do you know about the sad accident?

Tanongo, his wife, children and friend Lev were on their way to see one of our brothers, who is a Reverend Father, in Adikpo (headquarters of the local government of Kwanda) when the incident in Gbatse took place.

A truck driver from Calabar in Cross River State refused to stop at a police checkpoint, so he overtook several cars and crashed into traffic. Meanwhile, my brother, his family and a friend were driving in a car coming from the opposite side. The truck collided head-on with their car.

How many people were in the car?

There were seven of them: my brother Tanongo; his wife; three children; a colleague from Mkar University and another person who was a high school teacher in our village. His wife was about 33 years old, and his children were 11, 7 and 4 years old.

Tanongo went there to visit our brother, the Reverend Father, and he was sick. So she was going to visit him with her family. His friend Leva also went with him to visit the Reverend Father.

Whose car were they in?

Lyova was the owner of the car and he was the one who drove the car.

Has your brother had children who did not have an accident?

No, he lost all his family members in the accident. But in a large family, his brothers and sisters are still alive, and our parents are dead.

What did your brother teach in college?

He taught at the Faculty of Mass Communication at Mkar University with his friend Joshua Leva.

What kind of person was your brother?

He was born about 56 years ago, received his primary and secondary education outside the village, but entered the University of Bayero in Cano, where he received his first and second degrees. Before his death, he was a doctoral student at the University of Nigeria at Nsukka. He was a very hardworking person. He was helpful and very smart. He was always the best in his class in those days; he was very smart.

What prompted him to become a teacher?

I can’t say for sure, but as we got older, he talked too much, so we always called him talkative. He studied drama and you know that one of the courses in this department is about communication skills, so I think that communication skills made him a teacher very well.

How did you know about the accident?

His ex-wife, who lives in Kano, was contacted by the police. I think when they looked at the contact list on his mobile phone, they saw his number. It was she who called us to tell us about the accident.

How did the family react to the tragedy that claimed him and all his family members?

How can you describe the loss of loved ones, especially an entire family that leaves? This is very upsetting and destroying the family, but since there is nothing we can do to bring them back, we have accepted what happened. But he and his family miss him very much. He was a good person for us, members of his large family.

For example, during the isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it was he who provided for his large family members and helped us. If the family could turn back time, we would do anything to bring them back. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it.

Has the government contacted your family?

Yes, the Governor (Samuel Hortom) sent State Secretary Tony Ayjohore (SAN) to comfort the family, and we sent the Governor a letter of thanks in return.

Did you hear from the family of another teacher, Joshua Lev, that he was killed?

Yes, we are in touch with your wife.

What’s new about the truck driver responsible for the accident?

The report has already been sent to the police, and the owner of the truck has appeared at the police station. We recently met at the police station. The family made an offer to the owner of the truck regarding the burial and the damaged vehicle, but said they would not be able to accept our offer for burial. He pleaded with the family to think that things were going hard, but promised to look into the car later.

Are you going to sue the company, its driver and truck owner?

The family agreed that there is no need to go to court if he accepts our offer.

Source: The PUNCH