How SARS Agents Arrested My Wife – Nigerian Pastor Poju Oemade

How my wife was arrested by SARS agents, says Nigerian pastor Pogju Oemade

Pastor Pogju Oemade, senior pastor at the Testament Christian Center in Lagos, described how his wife was arrested with SARS.

The pastor talked about how his wife was tested at the hands of agents of the now disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Nigerian Police Force.

His wife Toyin was arrested and detained by SARS officials in 2019 for “fragile” reasons, according to a cleric and moderator of The Platform, the church’s annual conference to commemorate Nigeria’s independence on October 1.

He said that while it took “personal recognition” and “social capital” to free Toyin, some Nigerians who do not have powerful people to come to their aid have been inhumanly treated by SARS officials.

Oyemade, who announced this in a Facebook post on Thursday, called on police authorities to enlist all SARS employees found guilty of molesting Nigerian youth in registration.

He wrote: “I would also like to start with my personal experience with the SARS group. Several times in the past year, my wife called me, who was arrested and taken to the police station.

“I was going to an event when I had to run to where she was. I found what the officer said rather fragile and as of today I don’t understand.

“It was easy to settle because when I showed up, people greeted me as ‘a welcome pastor.’

“Looking back, I can say that if I did not have this share capital, everything would be rather complicated. So I understand what a young person may regularly encounter at such meetings. It can be inhuman and humiliating not to talk about people who say that their money has been taken away from them, etc.

“The government may have acted in an unprecedented way to verbally agree with the demands of the movement, but the government needs to understand what they are asking now is action; precise steps have been taken to demonstrate commitment to their words.

“They were here before they said they saw broken promises, they want real reforms. They ask you to take simple steps to show that things are different this time. Things like the use of reserve agents to shoot peaceful protesters had to happen.

“They say there are peaceful protesters who are still locked up. They need action. “

“At the heart of it all is that this generation is tired of being led this way. Leaders need to know that this generation is demanding a more responsible leadership system in line with the ideals of a democratic government, ”added Oyemade.

Protesters have been demonstrating for over a week, calling for an end to the extrajudicial killings of people from the now-disintegrated SARS.

However, protests intensified despite the disbandment of the police unit and the announcement of special weapons and tactics to replace the deceased unit.

The protests, which took place in the main cities of the country, caused heavy traffic and negatively affected economic activity.

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