How the cops shot my brother with a machete – Lagos driver tells an amazing story

How the cops shot my brother with a machete – Lagos driver tells an amazing story

Commercial vehicle driver Felix Luckey told the story of how his brother was killed by the police, The Nation reports.

The man told the SARS Investigation and Returns Commission and Other Lagos State Commissions on Friday that a police officer shot and killed his younger brother, Paul Lucky, before taking him to Ilasan Police Station in Yakande Manor, Lekki.

Felix of Owube in Ahoada West, Rivers State Local Government District, identified the police officer as Mr. John Dagbo, a sergeant.

He added that he and his brothers had not seen Paul since the evening of October 20, when the accident happened. Paul was dead, he said.

She pleaded with the president of the jury, Judge Doris Okuwobi, to help lobby the police to free her brother’s body for burial and receive compensation from the police.

“I still don’t know where my brother’s body is, and the police didn’t say anything,”
– said the petitioner.

He explained that he and the president of the community development area Jakande Estate (CDA), as well as some CDA members, were not allowed to enter the police station and make statements about the incident.

Felix, who supervised the evidence by his attorney, Mr. F.O. Udokporos said he and the others were three times at the police station.

He claimed that during one of his visits, Dagbo drew a line and warned him that if he dared to cross it, he would be killed.

A witness said that on the day of the accident, he was at home on the Jakanda estate when a friend named Evans came to tell him that John had shot Paul.

– said Lucky when he ran to the scene, when he met the crowd on the street.

One Ola Michil, a CDU member, told him that his brother had been dragged to the police station, adding that he had told him that his brother was still alive. But he was denied entry to the police station.

Felix said that Dagbo once threatened to kill Paul.

He said “On April 26, 2020, in the morning, my brother came to my house, and I saw that he was pulled around his neck and his clothes were torn. I said who did it? Sergeant John Dagbo said.

“He said that at about 2 am they saw that someone was riding a motorcycle (Okada), so they went up to this person and turned on the light because it was dark. They did not know that he was a policeman, that he was a mufti. An argument ensued and Dagbo tugged at my brother’s neck, tore off his clothes and grabbed a flashlight and saber.

“So I went to John Dagbo at the station, told him that my brother had problems with him at night, then Dagbo said that I should warn him.

“John said:” I will kill your stubborn brother someday “,
Lucky offered the commission a photo of his brother and his driver’s license, and he was accepted as evidence.

Following cross-examination by Police Legal Counsel Cyril Ejiofor, the jury closed until January 6, 2021.

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