How the police called me a fraud due to the fact that my car was 1.85 meters – the plaintiff told a group of experts from Lagos

How the police called me a fraud due to the fact that my car was 1.85 meters – the plaintiff told a group of experts from Lagos

According to TheCable, the businessman, whose name is Oluwatosin Odebode, said he was beaten by police officers and called a fraud for having 1.85 million nations in his car.

He said this on Saturday when he appeared before the Lagos panel of judges led by Doris Okuvobi and said the police had confiscated the money.

Talking about his ordeal, Odebode said it happened on December 17, 2017 after he stopped working in Ikeja and waited for his friend to buy the broadcast.

“Suddenly, a car full of policemen crossed me twice where I was parked, everyone pointed their guns at me for no reason. They got out of the car and came up to me. Their leader told me to lower my glass, which I did. He was so cruel to me, he asked me different questions, ”Odebobe told the group.

“I tried to take off my seat belt, but the next thing I saw was that the team leader hit me in the face several times. I was surprised, not knowing what my offense was. Blood gushed from my nose and blood spilled onto the steering wheel of my car. I have a photo. “

The applicant submitted that the police officers had stopped the beating and started searching his car, where they found the money.

“They found money in my car – 1 850 000 NIS. E. – and accused me of having told them earlier that there was nothing in my car. They beat me mercilessly. They didn’t let me speak, calling me unprintable names, ”he said.

“They called me a thief, a swindler, an armed robber. One of them that night hit me with the butt of a pistol and broke my head and jaw. I fell to the floor. They did not spare me. I was almost unconscious. I couldn’t speak anymore. All teeth fell out of the gums in the mouth. “

Odebaudet said it took an effort for his friend and passers-by to report the incident to the F-District Police Station.

He also added that a crime control officer (DCO) ordered him to be taken to Ikeja General Hospital for treatment, but was sent to Ikeja General Hospital and then to Izolo General Hospital to treat his dislocated jaw.

Joseph Eboseremen, a police attorney, insisted during cross-examination that the petitioner was severely beaten by the perpetrators, not the police.

However, the applicant submitted that they were police officers.

“These are police officers, about six people, all in uniform. I can tell the police from the thugs, ”added Odebode.

Following a hearing, the jury updated the case until March 16, 2021.

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