How the police shot me when I tried to save the victim – 22-year-old stylist reveals

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How the police shot me when I tried to save the victim – 22-year-old stylist reveals

A man from Nigeria named Gbadebo Sodik told the story of how he was shot by the police.

Sodik, a stylist admitted to Ladok Akintola University of Technology Hospital in Ogbomoso, Oyo State, tells OLUFEMI OLANIYA how he was shot by police on October 11.

What is your name?

My name is Gbadebo Sodik. I am 22.

Why did you end up in the hospital?

I was shot.

Who shot you and what did you do?

I was hit by the police. I did nothing.

Have you participated in the #EndSARS protests?

No, I did not participate in the protest. I am a fashion stylist.

Where did you get hit and when did it happen?

I was shot last Sunday. I heard that a little boy (Lekan) was shot by the police and there was no one to save him. I went to the scene to rescue him.

Did you come there by motorcycle or planning to take him to the hospital?

I just went there to help him. I knew that if I removed him from the stage, I could save his life. I didn’t bike there. I’m not an okada pilot.

What part of the city did it happen?

He was shot dead in the Ovodé area, near the police station. I also live in the area.

Was the boy you wanted to save part of the protest?

I do not think so. I heard he came from church and I think he was hit by a stray bullet. The boy is also the only one a few bunks away from mine. I did not participate in the protest action in any way. I felt obligated to help him because Lekan is my friend’s younger brother. I went to the place to save him and immediately bent down, they shot me. It so happened that we were all taken to the hospital (LAUTECH Teaching Hospital, Ogbomoso).

Is the government responsible for hospital bills, or who pays them?

My mother pays and borrows from friends and family.

What kind of work does your mom do?

He’s a peddler. I want the government to help me. I know my mom is struggling and even my fashion business is not doing well yet. The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t helped either. There is no help anywhere. We only worked to survive, but now his affairs are seriously damaged, and I just pray that I can walk well and use my right leg where the ballot hit me.

Governor Seiyi Makinda arrived in Ogbomoso on Tuesday. Didn’t he come here to see victims of violence?

No, he did not come here. I don’t think he knew that some of us were here. I learned that he was visiting inmates at Bowen University Hospital. I know he would help us if he knew.

Have you ever been harassed or extorted by the police before?

No. I do not do anything that violates the law and I have not been arrested or harassed by the police. I have never participated in a protest. I was just trying to help when a bullet hit me.