How Thugs Ripped My Son’s Belly – The Widow Tells An Amazing Story

How Thugs Ripped My Son’s Belly – The Widow Tells An Amazing Story

Ms. Uchechi Kalu, a mother of four, who hails from Ohafi in the Ohafi local government area in Abia state, screamed for help to rescue her son, who is now in hospital awaiting surgery following a bandit attack in Abuja, The Nation reported.

Uchechi Kalu’s widow said her son Gideon Kalu (21) is now fighting between life and death at Alliance Hospital in Eleven Garqi, Abuja, after their home in Lugbe was attacked by more than 10 bandits.

“We were sleeping around 1 am when these bandits climbed over the fence of our house to attack us.”

Talking about her experiences at The Nation, Ms. Kalu said that upon entering their apartment, the thugs asked everyone to hand over the phone.

Unfortunately, when the son asked for his SIM card, one of the armed bandits took out a knife and cut open my son’s stomach.

Describing the April 28 incident as a horror movie, she said that her son was covered in a pool of blood.

According to her, thugs walked around the estate from house to house, robbing people.

“So they climbed over the fence to enter our building, which is right next to the road. They have this equipment that they used to open our iron door.

“When they entered, they first asked for our phones. When they took my son’s phone, he begged them to allow him to pick up his SIM card because of the NIN registration. It was at this moment that one of them raised the knife high and opened the boy’s stomach.

“They broke into several houses on the estate and took all our valuables, no one came to our aid until the bandits worked for several hours and left,” he said, adding that they pass through him every day in the area.

Ms Kalu, who said she had come to the East to ask for help, however, asked energetic Nigerians to help pay her hospital bill, which she estimated at 600,000 NG.

“The hospital’s bill is N6,000,000. E. Doctors said that the knife may have been poisoned, and therefore an urgent operation is required. I am a widow, but I managed to pay 200,000 euros and I need the help of energetic Nigerians to make up for the remaining amount, ”she added.

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