How to care for carrots in early summer for Good Harvest

Posted by on Sep 18, 2020, Under: Daily Tips

Carrots are a simple cultivation crop, but at the beginning of summer there are several important rules for carrot care, following which you are guaranteed to get a good harvest in the fall.

1. Watering.

After sowing, carrots should be watered regularly. Friendly seedlings will appear only with good moisture. In the first half of summer, beds with carrots need to be watered often, and in the second half of summer watering can be done rarely.

2. Thinning.

Thick shoots of carrots must be thinned out. Carrots are pulled in two stages.

care for carrots in early summer

– The first time when 3-5 real leaves are formed in plants, and the plants reach a height of 10-15 cm. Weak out sprouts, leaving a distance of 2-3 cm between the plants.

– For the second time, carrots are pulled in a month, increasing the distance between plants to 5 cm. Carrots will grow the same size, if equal lengths are left between the plants when pulled.

3. Hilling.

After each pulling, the carrots should be slightly spudded so that the shoulders of the root crops do not appear on the surface and turn green.

4. Weeding.

Weeding carrots in early summer is a laborious but necessary job. The carrot beds should be kept clean, as fast-growing weeds will crush the weak seedlings of carrots, they will become thin, elongated and easy to lie down. But as soon as the tops of carrots become lush, weeds will be reluctant to grow in its shade. To facilitate work with weeding, the rows of carrots can be mulched with mowed grass.

5. Feeding carrots.

Feeding carrots

Carrots on fertile soil, into which humus has been introduced since autumn, will grow large without fertilizing. You should not get involved in feeding carrots with infusion of mullein or bird droppings, otherwise you will get bearded root crops. During the summer, it is enough to feed the carrots three times:

  • – in June, carrots can be watered once with infusion of weeds with the addition of wood ash;
  • – in July, this top dressing can be repeated or use complex mineral fertilizer;
  • – in August, it is enough to pour carrots once with infusion of wood ash (1 cup per 10 liters of water), spending a bucket per 1 sq.m. and root crops will grow even, large and sweet.