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A wedding in winter is fabulously beautiful, pleases with the absence of crowds in the registry offices and allows you to save money – is this true? At least that’s what wedding websites are writing, promising brides incredible benefits this time of year. We decided to check if winter weddings are really that much cheaper than summer ones? To do this, we interviewed more than 100 wedding professionals, asking them one question – how does the price of your services differ in winter and summer? After analyzing the answers, we declare with confidence that it will not work to save a lot on a wedding in the cold season. Here’s why.

Who can get a discount in winter?

Salons of wedding dresses. Expect a 20% to 50% discount on your winter wedding dress. One but – you have to buy it in November-December, at this time the stores arrange sales for the collections of the previous season. Arriving for an outfit in January, chances are good to choose something from the collection that has just arrived, for which there are no discounts. Also in winter there are discounts for individual tailoring of dresses, they are much lower than for ready-made models (only 10-15%), but this is also nice.

Restaurants and wedding venues. Everything here is individual and depends on the position of the site. In addition, there are many factors influencing the willingness to give a discount: how fashionable and in demand a place is, how versatile and adapted it is for celebrations at different times of the year. In most cases, it will not be about a discount, but about a decrease in the minimum amount for a banquet compared to the summer. If we talk about venues that are designed for outdoor weddings, they usually just close in winter.

Presenters, artists, stylists and makeup artists. These specialists are not as dependent on prices for materials as, for example, florists, so there is a chance to get a small discount. But you should know that the more in demand a specialist is, the less chances for price indulgences, because even without them a professional has many orders. In addition, during the New Year’s corporate parties (December and part of January), a good host or artist may even charge more for a wedding in winter than for a summer celebration.

Who won’t give a discount during the cold season?

Decorators and florists. The prices for their work depend on the prices of flowers and materials, which change with changes in the exchange rate of the euro, and not the temperature outside. Therefore, do not expect discounts on decor and floristry, and if you also want something exotic in the form of frankly seasonal flowers (for example, peonies), prepare a wallet. However, everything is not so sad, because there is one secret: due to less workload, many decorators reduce the minimum budget they work with. For example, if in the summer a decorator takes weddings with a budget for decoration of 150 thousand rubles, then in winter he will take on an event with a budget of 100 thousand. This means that for a winter wedding, you can get a dream decorator who would refuse to attend to your celebration during the high season.

Invitations and accessories. They won’t give a discount here, because the price of design, paper and printing does not change from season to season. Moreover, if you suddenly want your invitations urgently, and it’s December, get ready to pay double the price – printing houses will be packed with New Year’s orders.

Photographers. Incredible, but true: very few photographers will give a discount on a wedding in winter. This is because, firstly, the return of the photographer is the same regardless of the season, and secondly, popular photographers have shot so many weddings during the season that they are busy processing them in winter. Look for beginners and inexpensive pros – if they are not loaded, they can lower the price. Also, no one bothers to try your luck with the photographer of your dreams, what if he becomes interested in the idea of your wedding and meets halfway?

Organizers. This is the case when you have to ask, because each organizer has a different position. Someone will give a 20-30% discount on the organization, and someone will refuse, motivating it by the fact that they do their job equally well at any time of the year. There is also something in common: most likely, you will not be offered a discount on wedding coordination, because this service is already relatively inexpensive.

In what forms can you get a discount?

  1. The simplest and most obvious thing is that you will simply be given a discount. For example, the standard presenter’s fee is 50,000 rubles, but he will hold a wedding in the winter for 40,000.
  2. The method already described in the part about decorators: reducing the minimum budget with which the contractor works. This method works with decorators and florists, organizers and some restaurants.
  3. Freezing prices until the beginning of the next season. How it works – the contractor does not give a discount, he works with you at the price of the last season. At the beginning of next season, the price of his services will go up, so while you pay the same price as this year’s brides, it is lower than the price that next year’s brides will pay.

Winter wedding and New Year

If you decide to get married in winter to save money, but really want to arrange a holiday on or near the New Year, think many, many times. During this period, prices will skyrocket in restaurants, at presenters, artists and some photographers. You will surely pay more for invitations and possibly a cake. It may happen that your wedding on New Year’s Eve will be even more expensive than a holiday at the height of summer.

So, we hope that you understand: in order for a winter wedding to be cheaper than a summer wedding, a lot of factors must coincide. We advise each contractor to ask a question about a discount, because if the idea of a wedding is interesting to him, they will meet you halfway, even contrary to the rules.

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