How to get ready with the Bride Helper wedding organizer?

We show you what is inside our wedding organizer and how to prepare for the wedding with it.

Bride Helper wedding organizer

Start with a step-by-step preparation plan

After becoming a bride, I want to read everything that can be found online and offline in order to find out as much as possible. As a result, there is so much information that it is not clear where to start and when to do certain things: is it necessary to urgently select a restaurant or still first submit an application to the registry office? When to look for a wedding dress? How many months in advance to book a photographer and a presenter?

A detailed preparation plan for points will help to understand the web of cases, where all tasks are grouped by periods and themes (decor, food, images of young people, etc.) You will not have to think about what to do and in what order, just follow our list and tick the boxes if done.

Read a guide to organizing your wedding

If a book was written about wedding preparations, then the guide from our wedding organizer would form its basis. It is worth reading the manual at the very beginning of preparation to find out:

  • What’s out of fashion in weddings?
  • What and in what case to choose: a registry office or an exit ceremony?
  • How to save budget in 50 different ways?
  • What kind of guests can you not invite and what to do in difficult situations (for example, you know that one of them is rowdy after alcohol)?
  • What should be alarming when choosing contractors?
  • How to entertain guests?
  • What can go wrong and how to solve the problems that arise?
  • … and much more.

Plan your wedding budget

The Bride Helper has a wonderful and very smart budget planner. Enter the amount you want to spend on the wedding, and he himself will calculate how much to pledge for decoration, images of young people and other categories of expenses. Our financial smart girl will even tell you how much it costs to set aside in case of unforeseen expenses.

As you prepare, file your expenses, compare them with your plan, and try not to exceed it.

Invite guests and take into account everything you need

A wedding planner will help you create a well-thought-out guest list – include not only names and contacts, but also important data, such as alcohol preferences, food restrictions (for example, allergies), information about children, their entertainment and menus.

Based on the compiled list, the file itself will prompt:

  • how many guests from among the invited will still come to the wedding
  • wedding cake weight for your number of guests
  • how many bottles of wine and other alcohol to buy
  • how many places in transport and hotel you need to provide

Relax by watching wedding trends

We have included a huge overview of fashion trends 2020 in the Bride Helper – more than 50 trends in various areas of the wedding will help you find ideas for the celebration. Most of them will not require exorbitant amounts of money, so you will become a fashionable bride even on a limited budget.

Save on contractors with a wedding organizer

For those who appreciate special offers, there is a file with discounts from the Wedding Blog partners in the wedding organizer. Our favorite contractors offered special conditions only for the customers of the Bride Helper, with gifts and discounts up to 30%! You can choose a photographer, print designer, dress, cover band, organizer or even a wedding stylist / image maker at a very attractive price.

Check if everything is bought for you and the groom

Do you think that the bride needs only a dress and shoes, and the groom needs a suit and shoes? No matter how it is! The list of purchases and mandatory procedures for creating an image for each consists of a dozen points, unfortunately, it is easy to miss some of them. A checklist of images of the bride and groom in the Bride Helper will help you not to forget about anything.

Create the perfect timing for the day

In the wedding organizer from the Wedding Blog, there are examples of timing of a wedding day with a registry office or on-site registration. They will help you create your own schedule based on samples from us.

By this point, you have already understood that you cannot do without the Bride Helper in preparation, so we suggest not delaying it and getting it as soon as possible. Make it easier for yourself to organize your wedding and get all the information in one place!

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