How to reschedule your wedding date correctly?

Posted by on Sep 17, 2020, Under: Daily Tips
reschedule your wedding date correctly

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The circumstances in life are different, and sometimes it is necessary to postpone the date of the wedding. Here’s how to do it right.

1. Alert guests and contractors about the date change

If you already know a new day, inform the invitees and those who were supposed to work at the event. Sometimes the new wedding date is unknown, but it is already clear that nothing will be originally planned. In this case, do not delay, warn people about the changes and that you will announce the date additionally.

2. Reread the contract with each contractor

Check each contract to understand what terms of service are written in it. Find out how you can reschedule your wedding date and get your prepayment back if a contractor is busy on a new day. Remember that in some cases, you will not return the money deposited in advance – for example, if the cancellation was several weeks before the celebration, and the decorators have already purchased materials and accessories. But, most likely, contractors will easily move with you to a new date, if it is not busy with them.

3. Transfer the date of the wedding in the registry office

Do not forget to change the registration date at the registry office to a new one or cancel the pre-booked one if you do not know exactly what day you will play it now.

4. Reassess the wedding concept

If the season changes as a result of changing the date, for example, a summer wedding becomes an autumn wedding , you may want to revise the concept, color scheme, individual elements of the holiday, or even the venue. There is nothing wrong with that, you are adapting the holiday for the new season. On the contrary – you have a reason to pour a cup of coffee and hang out again on Pinterest for a couple of hours.

5. Make a list of changes

Collect in one list all the cases that arose due to the fact that the wedding date had to be rescheduled – searching for other contractors, ordering new invitations, etc. Tasks collected in one place are harder to forget.

6. Take a fresh look at the budget.

Assess if costs will change . They can increase, for example, if you have to look for a new contractor, and the prepayment cannot be returned to the old one. Or if a new date is set in the midst of the wedding season. Costs may decrease if some of them become unnecessary (for example, for an autumn wedding, you cancel the walk, getting rid of spending on food and drinks for it).

After understanding how the budget is changing, decide what to do with the resulting savings or where to get the funds if you plan to overspend. Will you be able to add them from your income or will you have to cut other wedding expenses? What kind?

7. Forget superstition

Do not worry about omens, if you need to postpone the date of the wedding – anything happens in life. After all, you are prolonging such a sweet engagement period!