“How we ended up in the IMO police, prison, free cellmates,” the arrested UST member admits (photo)

The man, accused of being an agent of the Eastern Security Network, confessed to raiding the police station and releasing the detainees.

ESN is the security service for the indigenous peoples of Biafra.

The man, identified as Andy, described how he and the other participants broke into the Imo State Police headquarters and the Imo State Prison in Owerri, the state capital.

SaharaReporter learned that the suspect, who identified himself only as Andy, aka Japan, was arrested in the Orsu local government of Imo state and confessed to participating in the April 5 invasion of two buildings in the state capital.

On the video of his confession, Andy said that he and the others were being transported by bus until dawn when they invaded the correctional center. He noticed that he and others broke the windows of the prison as the inmates ran out into the street.

He said, “My name is Andy, aka Japan. I came from Orsu LGA. I joined ESN about three years ago. I participated in the attack on the police station and the prison.

“I followed him. We did this because of some of our members who were in prison. We went to rescue them. I don’t know any of the inmates. I was not armed; I only had a big stick. I entered the prison. I broke the windows and broke the glass for the prisoners. I joined the ESN because they were freedom fighters. We strive for freedom.

“Our bus passed first. I just heard that they killed several soldiers. I was on a small bus; we picked another guy on the street. As now, I know that I was offended, but the government must release me. I live in Igweocha, Rivers State. I am married and have children. They (ESN) don’t pay me a single naira. They don’t pay anything. When Biafra arrives, they will take care of us and our children. “

Saharan journalists reported on Tuesday April 20 that security officials raided communities in Imo State to conduct raids, covert searches and arrests of young people and residents suspected of having links with the indigenous population of Biafra and its military unit, Eastern Security Service … Net.

Several sources told SaharaReporter that soldiers suspected of being led by Owerri’s 34th Artillery Brigade have arrested residents and young men, especially in the Oguta and Ohaji communities, since Sunday and put them in vans.

Imo State was a hotbed of violence and murder that culminated on April 5 when notorious militants attacked the state police headquarters and freed at least 2,000 prisoners at the Service headquarters. Owerri Nigerian Penal Colony.

The bandits also attacked the office of the Criminal Investigation Directorate of the State Police Directorate, freeing the suspects there.

The attackers burned all the cars parked at the headquarters and freed all suspects in virtually all SCID cameras.

Sahara Reporter reported that the gunmen used more than 10 vehicles and also attacked soldiers stationed in Umuorji along the Owerri-Onitsha Expressway.

Four police headquarters have been attacked since February. These include the Obovo, Aboh Mbayse and Ihitte / Uboma divisions.

On 20 March, unidentified gunmen also destroyed the headquarters of the Isiala Mbano Police Department, located in Umuelemai, Imo State.

The bandits invaded the divisional headquarters weapons depot, freed the suspects in the pre-trial detention center and took away the weapons.

While some pointed to IPOB and ESN as guilty, the state government said the militants were being used by outraged politicians, while IPOB also denied involvement in the attacks.

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