How women give the green light to my boyfriend in my presence, regardless of my ring

How women give the green light to my boyfriend in my presence, regardless of my ring

Based on materials from Gold-Olufadi Shakirat @skinandall_
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Just because a person is married does not mean that some people will not find him attractive anyway. The attraction gene does not turn off automatically when there is a spouse in the photo. In fact, there are some destructive human beings that go to great lengths to hunt married men and women because there is no commitment.

Basically, what I’m saying is that you, as a married person, should respect the relationship you have with your spouse. The stranger is not attached to your partner and doesn’t care I went out with my fiance several times and watched with pleasure as some give him the green light. Even with my rings, some still want to fry me … lol (little lomo)

Sometimes we invite a third party alone. You are in a relationship with a friend and emotions begin to get in your way. You are fooling yourself into saying it’s nothing and you keep getting closer. So you start to see the “missing” 20% that your partner is missing.

“Oh, look how Tunde listens to me. He always tries his best to help me. Lanre didn’t even put me first. “Before you know it, your spouse doesn’t turn you on anymore. You will be looking forward to the return of Tunde to the city. The phone rings and you check the caller ID to see if it’s Tunde and you look up to Heaven when you see it is Lanre. Look, sister, this handshake goes past the elbow.

There is a Yoruba proverb that says: “nkan tó báníje, má fi run mú”. (What you are not going to eat, do not even smell, so as not to succumb to the temptation). People are emotional beings, and sometimes these emotions make us misbehave if we don’t take control of them.

Another proverb says: “tí wón bà n tàn é, má tan ra rè”. (If they cheat on you, don’t cheat yourself). Most understand when feelings begin to manifest, but categorically deny themselves this until they become too deep.

At some point in relationships, especially in marriage, seeing the end can go into the equation. And then you begin to see all the flaws in your spouse. “She doesn’t even fold him like Beckham, he’s not even romantic, she likes to bind paper.”

When you get to this point, you need to remind yourself of all the things you liked and work on your relationship by communicating effectively with each other. He does not seek solace because he only brings temporary relief.

Again, there are different types of relationships. Some are married but have an open relationship or can attract other partners to the relationship (nothing that no one will see on Zikoko). As long as you both agree on the dynamics of your relationship …. ba wahala.

Finally, if you decide to let the handshake spill over your elbow and end the relationship … please don’t blame the devil. Jeje esu joko. Repent and ask for forgiveness if they are willing to forgive you. If not, cut your losses and move on. No matter how angry you are as an offended partner, never do something that you later regret, such as rape or, worse, killing your partner. Don’t spend your life behind bars over something that could be better handled.

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