Human rights defender’s wrist swells after shaking hands with a man who tried to force her to drop a rape case

Posted by on Nov 12, 2020, Under: News

Human rights defender swells her wrist after shaking hands with a man who tried to force her to drop the rape case

Human rights activist Ms. Priscilla Usobaifo described how she suffers from spiritual attacks because of her protection.

Ms. Ushiobaifo, founder of the Braveheart Initiative for Youth and Women, fights for justice for rape victims in Edo. Seeking justice, she explained that she met people who tried to harm her.

Four days ago, he said he shook hands with the man and immediately felt a prick in his arm and then noticed the “look” on the man’s face before he hurried away.


He said he felt a “tremor” in his entire arm and severe pain after shaking hands. The next day, she developed a rash and swelling on her wrist.

She added that the same man sent someone to check on her the next day, even before the marks appeared on her wrist.

He said that the man once “came to appeal a specific rape case,” but refused and insisted on justice for the survivor.

She believes that the rash and swelling on her arm is abnormal, but says that she believes God will protect her.

“Fighting SGBV is not child’s play,” he stressed, adding: “Risks are multifaceted as such, we also need to be multifaceted in our approach to work. Security plans don’t have to be just physical, because there are spiritual threats. to our work “.

Just last year, Ushiobaifo, a 120 under 40 candidate, lost two BHI employees in a car accident en route to court to seek justice for a 17-year-old pregnant girl who was repeatedly raped and made pregnant by her herbalist father. …

The herbalist, who pleaded guilty, immediately changed his statement after her daughter and BHI staff who had fought for her were killed in an accident.