Humans Can’t Turn Into Animals – Protecting Alleged Witches

Humans Can’t Turn Into Animals – Protecting Alleged Witches

Mr. Leo Igwe, coordinator of Advocacy for Presunte Witches (AFAW), said the belief that humans cannot transform into animals is false, and those who hold to this idea are disappointed.

He noted that the claim that humans can transform into birds or reptiles encourages humans to commit atrocities. Igwe cited speculation that the alleged witches turn into owls and fly out at night to harm people abroad.

He added that Nigerians, Ghanaians and other Africans living in Western countries attribute their troubles and problems to alleged witches in their countries.

“Why are there no videos of people transforming into animals or vice versa? Why do we always get information about this transformation by rumors, or as something perfect in the past, or as a feature of amateur or Magic of Africa films? Why do we only see published photographs of animals and people before or after the alleged transformation? “

The body says that traditional priests, Christian and Muslim clerics, charlatans and crooks are promoting the faith. Igwe demanded that sanctions be applied to those who use fiction to mislead and exploit ignorant people.

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