Hunter Biden Sent Homemade Video To His Father Joe Biden! [WATCH] Breaking news!


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  1. The Biden crime family has been exposed right along with many other DeepState traitors in our government. We must make sure everyone who’s used any political power for personal gain gets punished to the full extent of the law!

  2. Like father like son…these people are disgusting paedophiles. They rape and murder babies to harvest their beloved adrenochrome and continue the sex trafficking including minors. The need the death sentence for crimes against humanity and beyond.

  3. The Dad? There are Secret Service women who witnessed Old Man Biden stripping naked to swim in his pool right smack down in front of them! So, (the big guy) Daddy Biden is the culprit. This is one twisted family. I really don’t believe that this man was truly voted to be our President. He was pushed by the deepstate. To be their puppet.

    • Blocking us, locking US, Killing US Is Satan’s Democrat & Pope’s agenda. For God’s People. All Pray And Fast this
      Pentecost Day 5June2022!!We all need the Early and Later Rain,”Fact”
      God Bless & HELP US!!!

  4. Citizens in the United States to come together and remove these evil corrupt politician before they start taking our children and raping them also. Sick sick these evil people work for Antichrist chip everyone and control us!!! Fools

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