I did not defect in the APC – Umahi

Ebony Governor Dave Umahi denied reports that they had quit the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and joined the All-Progressive Congress (APC).

Chinedu Oga, an ebony member of the House of Representatives, said on Saturday that the governor had gone over to the side of the APC.

Ogah, who is the PCA’s only federal legislator Ebonyi, also thanked the governor for joining the PCA’s side.

Ogah said Umahi sided with the APC after meeting with several party leaders, including President Muhammad Bukhari.

He called it a bold move and a move in the right direction and asked Governors O, Enugu and Anambra to join the APC for political stability in the southeast as well.

“Yes, Governor of Umaha’s transition to our big party, APC, is a step in the right direction.

“We cannot afford to remain in opposition. We must join the ruling party to continue to reap the benefits of democracy.

“I am asking another governor in the southeast to join the governor of Umaha and join the APC. We must be in the center, we must join the main policy of the general development of our territory and the country as a whole.

President Muhammadu Bukhari has succeeded. Everyone should join APC to encourage it, ”said Oga.

But when contacted, the governor of Umaha simply told The Nation in a succinct response, “It’s not true.”

Assistant Governor for Media Maze Francis also denied this information.

He said: “My attention was attracted by the news spreading in some media, which claimed that the governor of the state of Ebony Ingres. David Umahi sided with the All Progressive Congress (APC). “

“The news is a figment of the transporters’ imagination, since the governor of Umakha was, is and continues to wave the flag of the People’s Democratic Party (NDP).”

“However, it is difficult to observe how easy it is to convince people to believe in fake mannequins in the name of rumors.

“If for any reason the governor of Umakhi wishes to leave the People’s Democratic Party (NDP), this will be officially announced and rumors will never be circulated.”

“The general public is encouraged to throw out these unsubstantiated rumors.”

Source: – The Nation

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