I have a little break in London – Bukhari

I have a little break in London – Bukhari

Confirmed marriage between 74-year-old Agriculture and Rural Development Minister Sabo Nanono and his 18-year-old wife Rakia.

The minister on Saturday married a teenager in the village of Dorawar Mallam Tanko, located in the dense suburb of the Jere metropolitan area of ​​Kaduna state.

Only three representatives of Mr. Nanono were involved in the secret marriage.

Sources in the village told DAILY NIGERIAN that the minister met a milkmaid outside her farm in Bwari, where she used to sell millet and milk cutlets known as “fura da nono”.

“It was love at first sight, because the girl immediately accepted the minister’s proposal. The minister beat about five young suitors to win her heart, ”said a family source.

A source told our reporter that she was first married to a Fulani man named Ado Baba, who “disappeared” about four years ago.

“Ado Baba was arrested four years ago during a raid on a criminals’ hideout in Jere and has not been heard of since.

“We searched all police stations in Kaduna and Niger and they said he was not with them. We believe he was killed, ”the source said.

DAILY NIGERIAN learned that the minister had renovated the house of the bride’s family and installed a solar-powered well and street lights around the village.

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