I have never received a cent at the Lekki – Tinubu paid points.

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I have never received a cent at the Lekki – Tinubu paid points.

I never made a cent at the Lekki-Tinubu paid points.

The head of the Congress of All Progressives, Bola Tinubu, has stated that he will never participate in any massacre.

Tinubu reacted to the attack on Tuesday evening when security forces opened fire on #EndSARS protesters near the Lecchi toll collection point in Lagos state.

The former governor of Lagos State spoke Wednesday morning in a telephone interview with Channel Television, followed by PUNCH.

He condemned the alleged actions of the Nigerian army, stating: “Why would they use real bullets?

“I will never, never be part of the carnage. I will never participate in this. “

Tinubu also denied any investment in Lekki Concession Company, the company that operates toll collection points.

“I have neither a penny nor a cobo invested in a toll collection point,” he said.

Further, the head of the APC said: “13-14 days are left before the start of the protests. Before that, I was charged and I told the president that I was behind the protests, that I was the sponsor of the protests. “

Tinubu said he denied the accusations and “called on young people” and Governor Babajide Sanvo-Olu to respond to protesters’ inquiries.

“That is why (Sanvo-Olu) has set up a judicial inquiry commission. The governor went to the home of one of the victims to address them.

“He raised 200 million euros as part of restitution and victim compensation.”

The tragedy came when security officials, trying to disperse the #EndSARS protesters, opened fire on crowded young people outside the Lecchi toll booth at around 7:00 pm on Tuesday.

According to eyewitnesses, seven people, mostly young, were killed in the attack, and about 30 of the injured are currently being treated at several hospitals in the Lekki area.