I haven’t gone anywhere, I’m still Jagaban, ”Tinubu declares when visiting Governor Sanvo Olu.

I haven’t gone anywhere, I’m still Jagaban, ”Tinubu declares when visiting Governor Sanvo Olu.

Bola Tinubu, All-Progressive Congress, APC chief, condemned the rampant looting of public and private assets in Lagos state, The PUNCH reported.

Tinubu said this on Saturday during a visit to the Governor of Lagos State Babajide Sanvo-Olu at the State House in Marina.

Addressing reporters after meeting with the governor, Tinubu said that he did not leave the country, as reported by some sections of the media (not The PUNCH).

He told reporters that the purpose of his meeting with Sanwo-Olu was to ask him if he ordered soldiers to attack #EndSARS protesters at the Lecchi toll station on Tuesday.

The former governor of Lagos said he asked Sanwo-Olu, “Who ordered the attack if he did not order? That’s all I needed from him. “

Tinubu has been targeted in recent days by the Lekki incident in which angry criminals burned down investments allegedly associated with him, including a television station, newspaper and assets of the Lekki Concession Company, operators of the toll collection point.

Commenting on the level of devastation in the state since Tuesday’s incident, Tinubu said: “First, we need to separate the calendar – those affected by the SARS protests. You have to separate him from those who are injured in the accident because of what happened at the toll station.

“I think that for those who suffered from SARS, the commission of inquiry, which has already been established, will find out and give its recommendations. I trust the level and character of those present, they are independent. This is one thing.

“Even those who were injured during the shooting have to answer some questions. Even if we want to help, we still need to obtain information that will help the government prepare in the future and understand how and when to respond, because the governor, in particular, is a young man. ”

Referring to the episodes that culminated in the incident on Tuesday, the chief of the APC said: “In his youth (Sanvo-Olu) on May 5, he quickly went to Abuja. The government immediately took action, disbanded SARS and was forced to work with other recommended actions, according to the needs they demanded. A few days later, he reported this to the public. It’s pretty responsive.

“But where do the looting, the massacre, the invasion of police stations, theft of weapons, the maiming of the innocent come from? This is a handshake across the elbow. “

When asked where he had been in the past few days, Tinubu replied, “I haven’t gone anywhere; I am Lagos and I still have the title of Asivaju from Lagos and I am still Jagabani.

“Whatever they think. Fake news is everywhere. They say my son Seiya was kidnapped and persecuted, but look at him. I haven’t paid a cent to bring it here. “

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