“I postponed my wedding because of the coronavirus” – stories of brides

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I postponed my wedding because of the coronavirus

Many couples had to postpone their wedding due to the coronavirus. We talked with the brides who changed the date of the celebration to find out whether it was easy for them to make this decision, whether it was possible to return the prepayment and what they plan to do next.

Lisa and Ilya

Wedding date. 16 May 2020

Venue. Park-hotel in the Ryazan region

For the last couple of weeks, because of this whole situation, I was very worried and did not know what to do. I dreamed very much about a wedding in May and hoped that everything would work out. When my fiance and I realized that it would not do and, most likely, according to the experience of other countries, it would not be better in May, we decided to postpone the holiday to August 28. Now I feel relieved – a huge burden of stress has come off my shoulders, there will be time to think over the details better.

The contractors were understanding and moved with us to a new date. The host asked for a surcharge in case we decide to play the wedding on Saturday (due to high demand), but we don’t blame him. In the end, we chose Friday, so there will be no additional costs.

The guests supported us and said that this was the right decision.

Elena and Tiago

Wedding date. May 30, 2020

Venue. Cascais, Portugal

Our wedding was supposed to have 120 guests from 14 countries, so the decision to postpone was not easy. The celebration was decided to be scheduled for June next year – it was necessary, since we paid the site 90% of the cost, and we were allowed to postpone the date without fines for a year.

At the same time, we will not postpone the registration of marriage, we will draw up the documents this year. Therefore, we will not have an official ceremony – either a symbolic one, or we will decide on a wedding in a church. It will be more difficult to arrange the latter, since he is a Catholic, I am Orthodox, and before the wedding there is a procedure that requires visits to the church. This is not easy to do since we do not live in Portugal

All contractors were accommodating and did not demand additional payments for the postponement of the date. Unfortunately, the host and the DJ are already busy on the new date, their plane and hotel tickets are missing. So far we have not discussed with them what to do with the prepayment.

We do not get upset and try to look at the good that we have – love, family, support from loved ones and friends. The current situation in the world helps to correctly prioritize and appreciate what is important. Now we must take care of the health of our guests and each other, and we will still have a holiday! ❤

Valeria and Ilya

Wedding date. May 30, 2020

Venue. Moscow region

On March 31, I read an article on the Internet that the regions and Moscow are canceling the registration of marriage and its dissolution by June 1. I was very scared, because the wedding fell on May 30 – we got into the cancellation period. The next day I called our registry office, they confirmed the information and asked to postpone the day. We were upset, but managed to pull ourselves together, changing the registration date to July 11, 2020 within an hour. June was no longer considered, they suggested that there is a risk of not signing this month either.

On the same day, I renewed my agreements with the host, photographer, restaurant, designer, auto – with everyone except the videographer. He is busy on our new date, he did not return the prepayment, but we agreed to deduct it from the cost of shooting the wedding, which we also plan.

The guests were surprised, but said “it’s okay”, for someone in July it will be even more convenient to get to the wedding.

Vera and Eugene

Wedding date. April 21, 2020

Venue. St. Petersburg

We are from Nizhny Novgorod, we wanted to arrange a wedding in St. Petersburg. The registry office was appointed for April 21 (Krasnaya Gorka), and a banquet for 24. We watched what was happening in the world and were ready to postpone the wedding, but we were still upset.

The restaurant has returned the prepayment, now we are waiting for a refund for the apartments that we booked for the celebration. The photographer refused to return the money, explaining that the entrance to the city was not closed …

A new date has not yet been appointed, we will look at the situation. If we manage to sign in Nizhny Novgorod, then we will note at the dacha without frills – barbecue and okroshka. Or we will not tell anyone and celebrate together 🙂

Alina and Kirill

Wedding date. 24 april 2020

Venue. Nizhny Novgorod

On March 30, we learned that the registry offices are closed until June 1. At first they just wanted to sign at the beginning of April, and then make a holiday. But we decided that we wanted a full-fledged celebration and postponed it to June 11. Fortunately, the selected date, although a pre-holiday day, is Thursday. Therefore, this day was free for all contractors, it was possible to transfer everyone in half an hour.

The guests are glad that we decided not to take risks and not have a wedding at such a dangerous time! There should be grandmothers at our wedding, we worry about them the most. Of course, it’s scary from not understanding the prospects in general. I wanted to spend the holiday as soon as possible, especially since everything was ready and perfectly planned. But now you have to wait 2.5 months, and for them it is not clear what could happen … But I hope that everything is for the better and in the summer it will turn out even better!

Anastasia and Artem

Wedding date. 25 april 2020

Venue. Volgodonsk

We are planning a big wedding in a country club for 90 guests: a river, a lot of greenery, there will be off-site registration, and then a banquet. On March 31, we learned that the registry office suspended marriage until June 1, so everyone in the city began to schedule weddings for the summer and autumn.

We decided not to risk it and postponed the celebration to September 25th. The contractors reacted calmly to the changes and will be with us on the new date.

The guests were a little upset, but said not to be sad 😉 The groom and I were not happy at first either, but the main thing is that we are together and love each other. You need to look for pluses in everything – there will be more time for preparation!

Maria and Victor

Wedding date. 2 May 2020

Venue. Surgut

We signed on March 20, but did not have time to hold the celebration – it was scheduled for early May. We wanted to have a beautiful classical wedding with music and dancing. We had to postpone the holiday until August 22, which all our 150 guests reacted with understanding (and, it seems, even with joy).

Most of the contractors stayed with us, but we will have to look for another leader, ours is busy on a new date. We do not know anything about the refund of the prepayment yet, the organizer communicates with him.

We hope that the wedding will take place in August. My dress is beautiful, it’s a pity to lose 🙂 But I think that I will not agree to another transfer anymore.

Ksenia and Dmitry

Wedding date. May 30, 2020

Venue. Kostroma

On April 1, Kostroma was completely closed for entry and exit, we immediately decided to change the wedding day to August 29. This was the only free date for the team that was supposed to work at the holiday (photographer, restaurant, videographer and presenter). Everything was transferred without problems, no additional costs are expected. Yes, we are upset, we didn’t want to change our plans, but what can we do …