I Was Fascinated – Suspect mutilated the genitals of a six-year-old girl for ritual confessions

I Was Fascinated – Suspect mutilated the genitals of a six-year-old girl for ritual confessions

Confessed to Adam Rauf, a 20-year-old man who is one of the suspects who allegedly participated in the carving of the intimate parts of a six-year-old girl for alleged ritual purposes in Bauchi State.

Adam Rauf

He said he was fascinated by his friend, who was now free to participate in this heinous act.

The incident is reported to have occurred around 19:20 on December 30, 2020.

The suspect, Adam Rauf (20), a native of the local government of Gandu Jamaare, who was arrested by the state police, during interrogation confessed to conspiracy with a certain Abdulkadir Khaladu. Chikamidari in the area for the crime.

Speaking yesterday about his role in the incident to reporters at the Bauchi State Police Department, Rauf said: “My friend Haladu and I took the victim to an unfinished building, where his private parts were mutilated at the direction of a local doctor, who said he would use it to make money for us.

A friend of mine has bewitched a girl into an unfinished building. Then she pulled out a knife and asked me to hold her skirt.

I didn’t know that he cut off his private part. What I do know is that later he entered the house where we were hiding and showed me the cut off part.

“I told him to exclude me from what happened, but he warned me that he would kill me if I told anyone.”

Explaining how he was detained, the suspect said: Someone came to tell me that they heard that the police wanted to see me at the station. I was standing by the side of the road, so I got on an okada (commercial motorcycle) to fulfill their invitation. “

When asked if he had been rewarded with Halad after the deed, he replied that (Halad) had not promised him anything.

“The only thing is that he fascinated me. As a result, I saw that I was following all his instructions. And he charmed me in many places. I really regret what I did. “
He said.

The victim’s father’s sister, Maryam Mohammed, who spoke to reporters in the Jama’rah, said the victim was placed in her care because her brother and the girl’s mother had separated.

Maryam said she was not at home when the incident occurred, adding that the victim had gone to play at another brother’s house.

She said that along the way, the victim met with the suspects, who sent her on a mission, adding that on the way back they lured her into an unfinished building.

“From there, we didn’t know what happened. We just saw her come back with blood stains and cry. We don’t know how she got home. “

Maryam remembered that they had been warned by one of their neighbors, a woman.

She said: “A neighbor called us to visit our daughter; that something hurt her.

“Some said she was raped. But when she was taken to the hospital, she was sent to Azare Medical Center.

“While we were crying, someone who went to the hospital told us it was not rape; that his whole personal part is disfigured. “

Maryam, who noted that this had never happened in the entire Jamaare area, added that they planned to enroll the victim in school this year before the unpleasant accident happened.

“We have never seen or heard of such horrible actions in this community. He has a brother who is also in my care. She is her mother’s first daughter “
– said Maryam.

He pleaded with the authorities to provide justice on this matter in order to discourage others.

He also expressed gratitude to the government for prompt action in this matter.

Recall that the spokesman for the Bauchi state police command, Ahmed Vakil, in a statement made to journalists in Bauchi, said that the police immediately received a complaint from the victim’s aunt, took action and arrested one. suspects. while his accomplice was still on the run.

He recalled that when the police rushed the victim to the hospital, the doctor confirmed that his personal part of the body had been removed.

He said State Police Commissioner Lavan Jimeta had ordered the case to be sent to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) for an undercover investigation.

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