“I will publish the medical report of my son” – the mother of a schoolboy, exhausted in the deepest life.

Ms Deborah Okezi, mother of a boy allegedly harassed at Deeper Life High School, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, said her son’s medical report had been lost.

However, he said the report would be released at an appropriate time.

Speaking to The Punch on Tuesday morning, Okezi said, “The report has already been released, but we will release it in due course.” He also did not say when he would release the report.

Deeper Life High School officials dismissed school principal Solomon Ndidi on Monday for allegedly molesting Okezie’s son, Don Davis, who has since been hospitalized following the incident.

Okezi, who reached out to social media asking for justice for her son, said she went to school and saw her son as his shadow.

Okezi noted that after many questions from her son, she stated that the headmaster took him to the high school dormitory to urinate on the bed, adding that older students harassed him by pushing his arms and legs. into his anus and threatened to kill him if he informs the director or his mother.

The mother noted that when she contacted the principal, she promised to take the 11-year-old boy back to the youth hostel, but reportedly did not.

However, school officials said on Monday that an investigation has already begun.

In addition, Governor Oudom Emmanuel instructed his Commissioner for Education, Enobong Mboho, to investigate the case.

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