“I won’t forgive her,” the woman says after a jealous wife poured boiling water on her in a highland state.

“I won’t forgive her,” the woman says after a jealous wife poured boiling water on her in a highland state.

A jealous woman left her wife scars for life after pouring boiling water over her.

The tragic accident took place in the state of Plateau.

According to the victim, Iklim Musa, he will never forgive his co-wife for meanness.

Recall that the suspect, Justina Peter, was hiding from the accident in the city of Gindiri, in the municipal district of Mangu, in the state.

It turns out that women have never gotten along since Iklima joined the family as second wife three years ago.

According to the Daily Trust, after the wives had a serious falling out, they broke up with her husband, Ate Peter Manomi.

When a few minutes later Iklima left her room to take clothes from the wash, she was allegedly attacked by Justina, who poured boiling water over her.

As a result of the attack, Iklima suffered severe burns to his upper body. Their husband, Manomi, rushed Iklima to the hospital and was admitted to the Sabon Laya Specialty Hospital in Mangu.

Speaking to the Daily Trust about her trial on Saturday, January 2, 2021, Iklima said she would not forgive Justine for her cowardly act.

“I bent down to pick up the washed clothes, I did not know that my wife was coming to me with a bad intention. I did not expect anything like this, because we parted after a quarrel a few minutes earlier. As I straightened up, he poured hot water over me, and I screamed. Our husband was the first to rush to the scene. Fortunately, he was close to home and heard my cry. I don’t know what would have happened if he hadn’t been around. “She explained.

Clashes between the two women forced Iklima to leave the house in August 2019, and she did not return until 2020. Iklima hoped Justina would calm down after the break.

“To my surprise, on the day I returned, he followed me to my room and insulted me. We fought and even fought. This signaled to me that other problems were approaching, ”Iklima said.

“Anyone who can do this to you, if necessary, this person can kill you. If you do not explain beyond reasonable doubt that she did not intend to harm me, I will not forgive her. I’m sure it was planned and should have ruined my life, because this is not the first time he has done something bad to me, ”she added.

Despite her injuries, Iklima is convinced that her marriage is not over yet, but certain conditions must be met if she returns to her husband.

“I believe that my husband loves me and I love him too. If he can separate the house, I still want to be with him. But I don’t think I can go back to the same house with Justina, ”she said.

Zuwaira Haruna Marwe, Iklima’s mother, was not thrilled that her daughter would return to Manomi’s house due to frequent quarrels.

“I was in Lagos when the accident happened. The next day, his sister called me and said that Iklima was not all right and that they were hospitalized due to her injuries, ”he said.

She also said that something was previously placed in Iklima’s bath water, leaving her with damaged skin.

“Something harmful was added to the water, and only Allah knows what it was, because it was unusual. And that was not long before the recent accident. I am her mother, so I am very upset about what happened. Justina cheated on my daughter and ruined her life. All I want is justice. I want him to achieve justice and make sure that the perpetrator is brought to justice, ”he said.

Marve Abdulganiyu Abubakar, Iklima’s uncle, said he was shocked when he saw his niece’s condition in the hospital.

“I am so shocked by what happened to her. The security service must do everything possible to ensure that the culprit is arrested and registered with the registry. If the perpetrator is not prosecuted, other people will do the same and go free, ”he said.

Her husband, Manomi, declined to comment on the incident, saying it was a family matter.

“This is a family business. This is everyone’s personal business. I don’t want to say anything about it. “

Meanwhile, Barnabas Zumji, the police officer in charge of the Gindiri police post, said he had begun an investigation into the incident.

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