I Won’t Let Anyone Fool Me Again – Sam Yuang

LAGOS captain Sam Yuang (retired), head of the Ruling All-Progressive Congress (APC) and former military administrator of Ogun State, has pledged that he will not allow any candidate to cheat him again until the 2023 presidential election. …

Speaking in an interview with the Daily Independent, Yuang, who said he played a huge role in the rise to power of President Muhammad Bukhari in 2015, said the party’s survival beyond 2023 will largely depend on who becomes the presidential standard-bearer. party.

According to him, APC should not worry about rich politicians, but should represent a reliable candidate who has the wisdom to lead the country, even if that person is not financially alive.

He added that President Bukhari had nothing in 2015, but became the party’s standard-bearer thanks to the support he received from APC members, including himself.

“APC’s survival beyond 2023 will depend on who it plays as a presidential candidate. I pray that they don’t make the mistake of putting the wrong person in. APC has excellent candidates who can ensure a party’s victory; however, the problem is the greed and ignorance of some of these people. “

“As I said earlier, we need an experienced person with brilliant ideas to help lead this country, even if it’s a poor man. When it came out in 2015, Bukhari had nothing. I was one of those who ensured its appearance. He didn’t have a kobo back then.

“I didn’t have a lot of money either, but at least I contributed my share to make sure he became a presidential candidate. If we bring out a good and honest person, I will still support him as long as I am convinced that this person is the best person for the job. “

“I swore that I would never be deceived again. I will support those who convince me that they will rule Nigeria precisely out of fear of God. ”
“At the moment, I do not mean specific candidates. But if God tells me that he will govern Nigeria well, I will support him. But nobody else will deceive me. Wealth will not fool me in 2023, ”he said.

Source: – Independent ng

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