IG Celebrity Obibi Maro Allegedly Infects 7-Year-Old Boy

IG Celebrity Obibi Maro Allegedly Infects 7-Year-Old Boy

Popular Instagram celebrity, Obibi Maro, ran into angry young people after allegedly being caught infecting a seven-year-old child in Ugelli, Delta State.

Okula, as Maro is commonly called, was allegedly caught raping a seven-year-old boy.

Okula, who is said to be an Instagram celebrity in Ugelli, was later beaten and chained by several angry young men, as seen by SaharaReporters in an online video.

They also forcibly cut his hair.

He is allegedly the leader of the homosexual association in Ugelli with children as followers.

“On va about. He may also be the leader of those teenage boys who recently molest children through sexual activity. This is really awful, ”someone remarked.

Okula, meanwhile, denies the charges, claiming that a friend set him up.

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