IGP Adamu Demands 24.8 Billion N For Fueling Cars And Motorcycles

Police Inspector General Muhammad Adamu said on Tuesday that the Force will need $ 24.8 billion to replenish its car and motorcycle fleet within one year.

He said this when he presented the results of the 2020 budget and defended the 2021 budget proposal before the House Police Commission.

Adamu said the police were bogged down in a budget shortfall.

“It is understood that in an ideal situation, the revised amount may not meet the requirements of the country’s police.

“If you take, for example, the daily fuel consumption of our cars; cars with gasoline engines consume about 22.5 billion nitrogen annually.

“The motorcycles we have will need 834.4 meters to refuel. And those vehicles that use diesel fuel will need NN 4 billion.

“So, if you calculate that based on what has been proposed, fuel alone will take up the budget, not to mention maintenance. If we want to keep our cars and motorcycles, it will take about $ 8.04 billion a year, ”he said.

He said security concerns, especially in the northeast and other parts of the north, have impacted the entire police operation along with other unforeseen crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the destruction of police stations, commandos, cars and other property during the EndSARS protests. …

It was revealed that the police’s budget estimate for 2021 was 469.4 billion Argentine francs, but was reduced to 449.6 billion Argentine francs.

Committee chairman Usman Bello Kumo said: “It is impossible for the police, the largest security group to manage internal security in the country, to operate with $ 11 billion in capital for 12 months a year. financial “.

Source: – Daily Trust

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