IGP establishes a new unit and orders all former SARS operators to report to security headquarters.

IGP establishes a new unit and orders all former SARS operators to report to security headquarters.

Inspector General of Police, IGP MA Adamu, NPM, mni ha, today, 13 October 2020, in accordance with Section 18 (10) of the 2020 Police Act, ordered all deceased SARS personnel to report to Force Headquarters in Abuja for an interview, psychological and medical survey. Officers are expected to go through this process as a prelude to further training and reorientation before being transferred to key policing roles.

The medical clearance will be carried out by the newly created Police Advisory and Support Unit (PCU), a unit that will henceforth be responsible for the psychological management, reorientation and training of Force officers deployed for tactical operations. and other tasks. … Located within the Force Medical Section and coordinated by a Force Medical Officer, this unit includes psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, pastors and imams, public relations specialists, civil society and other human rights groups with relevant qualifications and expertise.

Meanwhile, the IGP has established a new Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) to fill the gaps created by the breakup of late SARS. Potential members of this new team will also undergo psychological and medical examinations to ensure they are fit and appropriate for the new position. Next week they will begin training at various tactical police training institutions across the country. While officers from the Southeast and South-South Police Commands will be trained at the Counter Terrorism College, Nonwa Tai, Rivers State, the North and Southwest Police Commands will receive police training, respectively. Mobile Force Training College, Ende, Nasarawa State; and Mobile Police Force Training College, Ila-Orangun, Osun State.

Reaffirming its unwavering commitment to the successful and holistic implementation of police reforms, PGI encourages members of the public, especially protesting citizens, to exercise restraint and allow the measures taken to take place and to call the police who fulfill the wishes and aspirations of citizenship.


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