IGP lists qualifications for SWAT operators as training starts on Monday

Mohammed Adamu, Inspector General of Police, has revealed the qualifications of officers to join special forces, The PUNCH reported.

Sunday’s PGI revealed the qualifications of officers for training in a new tactical police squad that will replace the formed special anti-robbery squad.

According to him, the training of selected officers for the special weapons and tactics unit will begin on Monday, October 19, 2020.

He noted that former SARS agents were not included in the shortlist of the special forces detachment.

He also clarified that “the officers selected for training are young, smart and energetic officials with at least seven (7) years of experience with clean official records – no outstanding disciplinary issues, no records of infringement. citizens or inappropriate use of firearms – and physically prepared to withstand the harsh conditions of special forces training and operations.

“The selected officers must pass physical fitness tests, medical and toxicological examinations, etc. And those found unsuitable must be fired.”

More details later …

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