Immigration Deters #EndSARS Promoter From Traveling Outside Nigeria

Posted by on Nov 3, 2020, Under: News

Immigration Deters #EndSARS Promoter From Traveling Outside Nigeria

A woman who fought to end police brutality was arrested and banned from traveling abroad.

A Nigerian lawyer who actively advocated for #EndSARS was arrested and prevented from traveling outside the country.

Modupe Odele confirmed the story itself. Nigeria’s Immigration Service reportedly prevented Odela, who was the frontispiece of the #EndSARS movement, on Monday from leaving due to her alleged role in the #EndSARS protest.

Odele through her Twitter profile @Mochievous mobilized 219,000 followers during the protests.

He also offered free legal aid to people illegally arrested during the demonstrations.

Confirming this in a newsletter sent out on Monday, the lawyer said she was on her way to the Maldives to celebrate her birthday when she was approached by immigration officers. He wrote: “For my birthday I have planned a trip to the Maldives.

It really was a hiatus, as the events of the past three weeks have drained my mind and body in a way that never before in my life.

“I went to the airport, went through immigration, and as I was putting my bags in the body and baggage scanner, the immigration officer who had previously given me permission called me back.

He told me that he received an order from above to detain me: “Okay, now excuse me, my flight is in an hour.

On what basis are you holding me back? “He didn’t answer.

Instead, he goes to his computer, where he types my name, and what looks like a “wanted poster” appears on the portal.

“It blocked my view, so I couldn’t see most of it, but I saw something. It said something like, “This person is being investigated by the XYZ special service.

If seen, they must be caught in plain sight. ‘”

Odele said she was detained when her passport was seized by officers and she was forced to miss her flight.

The lawyer said she was able to identify the security agency that put her on the checklist, adding that she would return there on Tuesday.

Odele wrote: “Since the peaceful #EndSARS protests began in Nigeria about three weeks ago, I and several super brave women have been supporting the Nigerians as they came out to peacefully exercise their constitutional rights.

“I specifically supervised legal aid, so I went to www., where we helped over 80 arrested peaceful demonstrators secure their release. It was grueling and emotionally demanding work, but the joy the family expressed as they reunited with loved ones justified it.

“I am not an active human rights activist or advocate. I am currently a corporate lawyer, so dealing with police stations is not my responsibility.

I did what needed to be done in the face of a grave injustice and enlisted the support of over 800 wonderful volunteer lawyers. ”

Odele said she has begun providing free lawyers to victims of police brutality who want to file petitions with courts set up by states across the country to investigate alleged cases of police brutality.

When contacted, NIS spokesman Sunday James said he could not yet confirm the development and asked for more time. However, #FreeMoeSexy went viral on Twitter on Tuesday morning when thousands of people called on authorities to stop harassing Odel.