Imo residents set fire to a fleeing prisoner

Imo residents set fire to a fleeing prisoner

Outraged residents of Umuaw village in the Ihimeze community in the Ikeduru council area in Imo state set fire to an escaped prisoner who had returned home from the Owerri correctional center.

The fugitive prisoner, whose identity was not identified at the time of publication in the press, allegedly came from the neighboring Ogwa community in Mbaytoli (LGA) in Imo state, but grew up in the village of Umuavom, which is his birthplace.

He was reportedly involved in the kidnapping of a family in the village of Umuavom, but was eventually arrested and imprisoned for over a year.

However, when he escaped from the correctional center last Monday, he reportedly went straight to one of the families who testified against him and threatened to take care of him.

It turned out that he tried to carry out his threat by attacking a family member in the village of Umuavom with a weapon.

Sources in the village told The Nation that the bold move prompted the villagers to pounce on the invader and immediately set it on fire.

A spokesman for the Orlando Ikeokwu Police Department said he had heard of the incident but could not officially confirm it.

Source: – The Nation

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