In Abuja, police beat a nursing mother in surprise

In Abuja, police beat a nursing mother in surprise

Helen Abubakar, a 26-year-old breastfeeding mother in Stupur, was beaten by police officers from the Abuja Municipal Council’s Nyan police station in the Federal Capital Territory on Friday, Igbere TV reported.

According to FIJ, Helen Aboubakar was dragged to the floor by police officers for asking to meet with the police officer (DPO) in charge of the site.

Helen was at the police station to see her son-in-law, who was arrested and detained after being caught with $ 1,000 bills that some clients paid him in the room where he worked.

The troubles began when Helen asked to speak to the OI about the person’s continued detention after the real criminals were found, arrested and released.

“When I got to the police station, I asked what should be done to release him, but they ignored me. Then I asked about the people who were giving him the fake naira tapes and found out that they had been released. If the real criminals were saved, why couldn’t we free ourselves? He said to FIJ.

“I asked if it was because the court went on strike and they got angry. They asked who I was to ask them to take the case to court. They said they would no longer even allow her bail, and asked if I knew the way to the courthouse. I said I would call a lawyer friend, and then a policeman came up and started pushing me.

“DCO1 came and asked me to tell you what happened. While I was trying to explain to him, other officers came up and started verbally insulting me. So I told them I wanted to see the DPO. At that moment, DCO1, whom I considered to be a responsible person, pushed and hit me. Then other officers attacked me and started beating me. When I pulled the hair out of DCO1’s hands, my heart rate increased. They asked who I was to say I wanted to see a DPO. A female police officer joined them. He also bit me on the back. “

Helen said there were so many beatings and dragging that she felt she was about to die. By the time they finished with her, she was already so weak. She landed at Nyani General Hospital where she was being treated that night.

Although she was contacted by the Nigerian Police Complaints Unit after the story was posted on social media, Helen said she has yet to get justice.

During a conversation with FIJ on Sunday, she said that police from Nyani Police Station falsely accused her of hitting a senior police officer and refused to apologize to her for the assault.

Source: – Igbere TV

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