In Ondo, a woman kidnaps her married lover’s 3-month-old baby (photo)

In Ondo, a woman kidnaps her married lover’s 3-month-old baby (photo)

A student at a design store in Ondo, Ondo State, Temitopo Adeni, reportedly kidnapped a three-month-old girl.

The reports stated that the apprentice was dating the father of the kidnapped child, Washiu Mamukuyomi.

The mother of the missing child, Ms. Stella Babatunde, told reporters from Ondo about her ordeal that her husband, Wasiu Mamukuyomi, had brought her Temitopa as an apprentice.

Stella indicated that her husband lied to her, saying that the woman was the wife of her friend, but later it turned out that they were having illegal affairs.

In your opinion “My husband brought a lady to me on December 3, 2020, to train her in a studio.”

“But I noticed that the woman and my husband usually talk on the phone when we are in the store together.”

“On Saturday, January 2, 2021, the woman came to the store as usual. Having bought the baby that day, she asked me for permission to put her on her back.

“Later I gave her my ATM card to help me withdraw 3000 N3000, which were transferred to my account by a customer at a nearby outlet.

“But she never came back, she ran away with the baby and my ATM.”

“After I disappeared with my child, I called my husband separately to tell him about the incident, but my husband refused to answer my many calls.”

“My husband was nearly lynched by an angry mob when he returned from work and paid no attention to the missing child.”

“My husband was then taken to Ẹnuọwa Police Station in Ondo, where he confessed that the woman in question was his girlfriend.”

“He also confessed that he rented an apartment for her in the Eweige, Yaba, Ondo area, but denied that he knew anything about the child’s disappearance.”

State Police spokesman Tee Leo Lkoro confirmed that the journeyman escaped with the child.

Ikoro said that the father of the missing child was arrested because of the child’s mother’s suspicions that he was conniving with a student in the kidnapping of their child.

She added that investigators are following the suspect and will soon be arrested.

Source: – Vanguard

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