In “Zavidovo” for brisket and limoncello

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In an ecologically clean place, a vacation is organized for any wallet. In 5 years, the managers of the resort promise that Zavidovo will grow even more and will receive up to 1 million tourists a year.

The resort “Zavidovo” is located in the Tver region, surrounded by the protected forests of the Zavidovsky reserve and the Volga tributaries. It is easy and fast to get there – by car along the M11 highway with new high-speed sections or on the Lastochka. Just 1.5 hours from the city – and you are already in the comfortable atmosphere of the resort. The idea to create a holiday town for Muscovites was born in 2006, says Konstantin Zabrodin, General Director of Zavidovo Development LLC: every capital has such a location for the weekend, which means that Moscow should have it too!

Golf: opportunities for everyone

We started with the construction of a golf course. It turned out to be not easy, they built the field for 2.5 years: the work, one might say, was jewelry, and the rains and snow washed away the complex landscape. In fact, this was the first experience in the construction of resorts of this level in Russia, for example, the resort “Rosa Khutor” appeared later.

Zavidovo’s highly professional golf course is licensed by the Professional Golfers Association of Great Britain and Ireland (PGA), founded in 1901. The Clubhouse was built here (at first the services were only available to club members) with luxurious Scottish interiors. The Russian Seasons restaurant and Zavidovo Boutique Hotel function here. Since 2019, membership has been canceled, which has increased the exploitation of the field, revenue has doubled. Anyone can play on the course (who own golf professionally), there is a special training zone for beginners. In 2019, about 40 rounds a day took place here, which is considered a good indicator.

Radisson – luxury comfort

The anchor object of the resort, where the main flow of tourists coming to the resort flows, is the Radisson Resort & Residences, Zavidovo. There are 200 apartments and 240 hotel rooms. The hotel is focused on business tasks, there are many spacious halls and meeting rooms, but every year more and more family tourists come here. According to Andrey Abramov, general manager of Radisson Resort & Residences, Zavidovo, the hotel’s management and staff are trying to satisfy all target audiences.

“The Radisson Hotel performed well already in 2016. 2019 was a record year, with revenue just over RUB 800 million, pre-tax profit of RUB 300 million, occupancy rate of almost 50 percent. The profitability of the apartments is up to 60 percent, because there are fewer attendants, each room has its own kitchen, ”notes Konstantin Zabrodin.

The hotel offers a spa area with a swimming pool, various steam rooms, massage and beautician rooms, a gym, a nightclub, and a children’s room. This season, Andrey Abramov said, the task is to diversify the leisure of Radisson guests and offer them excursion trips to interesting places in the Tver region, as well as to various master classes and tastings.

The Radisson’s restaurants delight in both taste and presentation. This year, lunch and dinner will be turned into a buffet to diversify the menu and save guests’ time. Within the framework of care for the ecology of nature and humans, the restaurants of the Radisson hotel also use organic meat and dairy products – this is the Ugleche Pole brand. And this year, the Radisson’s goal is to completely eliminate plastic in food.

Yamskaya Sloboda – an excursion into history

The management of the resort, paying tribute to history, decided to recreate the Yamskaya Sloboda on its territory – after all, it was here that the road from Moscow to St. Petersburg once passed. There are two Yamskie hotels built here, this is a more budget option for recreation, a room can be rented for 4-5 thousand rubles. The hotel buildings are brick-built, decorated with wood on top, in the Russian style, with platbands created according to sketches of the 18th century. Nearby, on the shore of a small lake, a camping was set up – these are small houses for four. Although the facilities are located separately, camping is in great demand, and despite all its democracy, it is popular with wealthy tourists who readily prefer camping to a vacation in Radisson luxury.

In the “Traktir” at the “Yamskaya” hotel guests are treated to non-standard dishes that are popular with guests. For example, brisket is an American recipe that languishes for 14 hours using a certain technology. Or pike cutlets – an old Russian recipe. The manager of the “Tavern” Nikita Nikolaev himself cooks tinctures according to his own recipe – from cherries, cranberries or black currants, as well as horseradish and limoncello. As Nikita Nikolaev says, he considers it his duty to ask guests for their opinion on their taste preferences, and they try to follow this when drawing up the menu.

The area near the hotels is paved with paving stones – again referring to the history of past centuries. In the camping area there is a real Russian log sauna with excellent steam, not far from there is a huge wooden slide, from which tubing is fun for both children and adults. Soon, in the Yamskaya Sloboda area, a traveling palace will also be built, in which exhibitions and banquets will be held, as well as a glacier, a woodshed and other objects. There will be two more Yamskaya hotels and 20 more houses in the camping area. And this year a cheese factory will be built here, where you can participate in cheese making and tastings.

Leisure: fresh air, clean nature and sports

The resort’s management has invested tremendous efforts and funds in the natural area of ​​the resort. The forest was rented, it was thoroughly cleaned, and now there are illuminated paths made of asphalt and chips: it is convenient to walk and ride bicycles. By the way, more than 40 km of bike paths are laid throughout the resort. This was appreciated by the sports audience of the resort: the IRONSTAR triathlon competitions are held here every year, many athletes and lovers of a healthy lifestyle stay here. By the way, the nearest plans are to equip premises for yoga and dancing.

On the territory of the resort, you can rent a variety of sports equipment, you can play tennis or basketball (well, do not forget about golf, of course).

In summer, there is a lot of entertainment on the shore, in the beach area. Not only swimming in the purest water (which is constantly tested), but also various activities, which the guests of the resort are provided with by the company “Aquatoria Leta Zavidovo”.

In winter, it will be pleasant to go skiing in the forest: the track is specially laid here with professional cutting machines. And you can also go ice fishing! The caught trout will be cooked for you, according to your wishes, or you can take the catch home.

Bring the audience of the resort to a million tourists

According to Konstantin Zabrodin, among the tasks already this season is to start the construction of a transport interchange hub, this will be done with funds within the framework of the Federal Target Program “Development of domestic and inbound tourism in the Russian Federation” – 1.25 billion rubles have been allocated to the Tver region for 3 years. It is planned to bring a railway line from Moscow to the new passenger port, and then tourists will be able to start their water voyage on motor ships directly from Zavidovo. This will relieve the Moscow Canal and save tourists’ time: while motor ships pass 6 locks on the canal for 12-20 hours.

A large congress hall with 800 seats will appear next to the territory of the transport hub, and another old dream – a family recreation center: there will be a large water area for adults and children. By the way, already in May of this year, the resort will open a new large bath complex: there are three baths for 10 people, one for 16 and one more for 25 people.

Several more hotels of different price categories will be gradually built around the horseshoe bay, these will be two-, three- and four-star hotels, with a total occupancy of up to 1100 rooms and apartments. The plans of the management of the resort “Zavidovo” – to bring the flow of tourists to 1 million people a year (now 200-250 thousand tourists come here a year). As noted by Konstantin Zabrodin, in 5 years the resort “Zavidovo” will acquire a finished look.