Insecurity: northern factions plan massive protests in 19 states on Thursday

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Insecurity: northern factions plan massive protests in 19 states on Thursday

Insecurity: northern factions plan massive protests in 19 states on Thursday

A coalition of northern groups, CNG, said Thursday it will continue to protest against the tide of insecurity in the northern region.

The plan, the group said, was aimed at drawing the attention of President Muhammad Bukhari and 19 governors of the northern states to the plight in the region.

The CNG said the ineptness and apparent failure of the elected and appointed leaders of the North to protect the lives and property of the Nordic countries, or to resolve the countless hardships facing the region, pushed them against the wall.

Explaining that the government has unfortunately failed on many fronts, the group argued that the authorities appear willing to support higher electricity tariffs.

According to the CNG, it is also that President Bukhari and the governors are not interested in resolving the ongoing dispute with academics.

The SPG noted that it is no longer an exaggeration that the security situation in the country and, in particular, in the North has deteriorated, while the authorities do not consider it necessary to extend the swift spirit used against FSARS to the security of the North.

The group bluntly told the president that it had abandoned hundreds of thousands of people in northern communities who were attacked by rebels and bandits.

Therefore, he called on the (northern) citizens who will participate in the peaceful protest to behave peacefully, urging the government to respect their protest rights.

Briefing for journalists in Abuja, spokesman for the CNG,
Abdulaziz Suleiman said: “The Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) is following the development of bold and necessary steps taken by Nigerian citizens to raise awareness of police brutality, deteriorating national security and other pressing issues.

“The CNG celebrates growing citizen appreciation for the action, culminating in a swift government response to one of the concerns raised by the demolition of the Nigerian Police Anti-Robbery Task Force (SARS) and its immediate replacement with Special Weapons and Tactical Team (SWAT)

“In the current scenario, methane inevitably leads to the following observations and conclusions:

“It is contradictory that, despite the numerous protests and appeals from the Scandinavian countries, the authorities never saw fit to spread the impetuous anti-FSARS spirit to protect the North, or overcome the countless suffering that the Scandinavians face.

“It seems that the authorities are ready to support a tough and unacceptable regime of increasing electricity tariffs, which the North will have to bear more than other parts of the country.

“That the federal government does not seem willing to resolve a persistent dispute with the Academic Staff Union to allow the resumption of university education.”

“In light of the obvious remarks, the KKE has no choice but to send protests to all northern states starting Thursday 15 October 2020.

“At the same time, all government departments and student branches of the KKE were empowered to renew the mobilization of responsible civil society, NGOs, women’s groups, professional associations, artisans and interested parents in their states to continue the protests we initiated. I was in Katsin in June ”.

LNG will lead to protest: “Ask the federal government to immediately declare a security emergency and take concrete measures to end all demonstrations of insecurity in northern Nigeria and other parts of the country.

“We call for a complete reorientation and empowerment of all police forces with additional personnel, modern training and appropriate equipment to be able to claim their universal internal security function. …

“Increase pressure on leaders to show a real commitment to protecting the lives of citizens by ending long-term university closings, redefining rising commodity prices, reducing youth unemployment and controlling rising poverty.

Publicly condemn and express a vote of no confidence in those officials and elected leaders who have thrown most northerners into violent rebellion, devastating banditry, rape and sexual assault, violent community clashes amid growing poverty, and deep-rooted fears of mass kidnapping for extortion.

“Declare the agreement reached by working with
The government is unacceptable regarding the new electricity tariff and calls for an immediate and unconditional change of the old tariffs. ”

Suleiman noted that while the CNG welcomed the creation of SWAT to replace SARS, he urged the government to accelerate action to improve the professionalism of SWAT military personnel.

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