INTELS fires more than 700 employees without benefits

INTELS fires more than 700 employees without benefits

The laid off workers, who started the protest on Tuesday, said they would only end the protest if the company wrote off their benefits.

Protesters belonging to Associated Maritime Services, AMS, and the INTELS group barricaded the entrance to the company’s factory yard with signs that read: “Please do what is necessary, pay us downsizing money,” Every worker deserves his salary, our money. Please INTELS does the right thing, pay us, Don’t send us home empty-handed, we were your workers. “

Speaking, the president of the AMS Union Staff Association, Intels Sunday Atakpo called on the company’s management to pay the laid-off worker money for the layoff.

Atakpo said, “AMS is the core of the Intel group. We are here because more than 700 of our people were fired without following the terms of service.

“They tried it three months ago, and we blocked the road, protested, and we were called for negotiations. While the discussions continued and the people ended on December 8, when the discussions did not end and the benefits were not paid to the people.

“Since 1998, Intel and AMS have been negotiating a single agreement, they are the same people. When we started these negotiations, we sat down about seven times, and they said that INTELS and AMS were separated, we agreed. They discussed with INTELS 68 staff that they were abandoned and paid benefits.

“As for AMS, they employed about 633 laid-off employees, and their benefits were not paid to them. And we ask where in this world you will work and not get paid. These are employees who have worked for you for more than 25 years and want to fire them without paying benefits.

“What they are doing is contrary to any known labor law. Let them pay our people, and we will leave them alone. You didn’t return them and you are driving them out of the company, it’s shameful and unexpected ”.

Comrade Tunde Bolaji, President of INTELS AMS District of Nigeria’s Marine Workers’ District, has called on Governor Chafe State Nyesoma Vike, the federal government and trade unions to force INTELS to end their exclusive pre-employment benefits.

Source: – Vanguard

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