Interesting facts about nightlife rural tourism in Russia

Interesting facts about nightlife rural tourism in Russia

Rural tourism is an actively developing type of tourism, the essence of which is that a tourist lives in a rural area for the purpose of recreation, acquaintance with culture and history, participation in agricultural work, etc. In Russia, this type of tourism is not yet as widespread as, say, in France or Italy, but rural tourism in Russia is actively developing every year, occupying a confident position in the tourism sector. It has become a particularly popular area for both Russians and guests of the country. night rural tourism, which we will talk about in more detail today.

Connecting with nature helps relieve stress

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of a vacation is, of course, the desire to relax. And where can you relax better than in nature? Perhaps there is no such place. Numerous studies of psychologists show that modern man is constantly in a state of stress: from work, from the fast pace of life in the city. We are constantly in a hurry and do not allocate time for that very unity with nature, which can restore our vitality. Rural tourism is ideal for this, where you can spend hours on end surrounded by forests, fields and crystal clear waters. And at night you can discover all these majestic landscapes in a new way.

Ideal rest for night hunting

The hunter instinct is in our DNA. You can show your instinct on the hunt, or even better – on the night hunt, which will add additional excitement and excitement. After all, it is at night that many animals truly manifest themselves and it is then that you can be on an equal footing with them.

Animal observation and photography at night

And if you do not like hunting at all, then you will like such an activity as night observation of animals. Imagine: you, the mountain landscapes of the Altai Territory and a deer, which rushes towards the wind. Your role in this situation is this: while enjoying the beautiful nature and fresh air, try to take incredible photos or videos that will remind you of your adventure all your life. And, again, it is at night that you can make the most valuable shots, because at night the animals open up and behave as it should be for real kings of the forest.

Night tourism in rural areas is also a holiday with fishing

Do you love fishing, but you always do not have enough time to put off all your business and escape with friends on a night fishing? Then you urgently need a rest. And not home rest, where you have a hundred chores to do before the end of the vacation. You need rural tourism. The crystal clear water of Lake Baikal and the invigorating air of a frosty morning … You are already fishing with all your thoughts, aren’t you?

Night vision optics for night adventures

Camping, fishing, hunting, animal watching and much more – it’s all about rural night tourism. But you may have an absolutely logical question – how can you do this at night if there is no lighting far from the city and it will be simply unrealistic to see something in the wild?

Yes, indeed, your path will not be lit by lanterns every 5 meters. However, do not be upset, because modern technologies are already one step ahead and night vision optics are able to expand the range of our vision. All you need is to choose the device that suits you best in terms of functionality and budget and take it with you.

The following devices are presented on the market: night vision devices (NVD) and thermal imagers. They differ in how they work. NVD shows the reflection of the object of observation in the presence of a light source (artificial in the form of an IR flashlight or natural – moonlight) on the principle of multiple amplification of an existing light source. Thermal imagers allow you to see in complete darkness without light sources or in limited lighting conditions, defining the human thermal field invisible to the human eye. You can familiarize yourself with a detailed model range of devices on the website of the manufacturer of night optics, for this visit the Pulsar website.


Even if you have not heard of such a vacation as rural tourism before, now you can be sure that rural tourism in Russia does not just exist, but is also actively developing. Each region of Russia is very impressive with its uniqueness, and every tourist can find something to their liking. And if you are also a “night” person and love night activities, like night fishing or hunting, then you will definitely have something to do. And do not forget that night vision optics will be your faithful assistant, expanding your vision at night.

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