6 interesting reasons why we love listening to music

Posted by on Aug 19, 2020, Under: Daily Tips

Music accompanies us in a cafe, restaurant, at work, at home, in a car or bus.

Listening to Music

Regardless of what we use to listen to this or that track, the reasons for our craving for music are the same.

Not all arts can affect our emotions as much as music. She braids thoughts in a special way. Just one song is enough for us to go back in time and remember important events or people.

Just one melody can change the day, increasing our productivity.

Music inspires, changes us, heals our wounds, confirms and refutes certain judgments, enters into dialogue with us.

Why Listening to Music is Good

So what are the universal psychological functions of music?

Researchers Adam J. Lonsdale and Adrian C. North decided to look into this problem and interviewed 300 people. They figured out why people are drawn to the player like a sweet tooth for candy.

1. Music helps to know people and the world in general

Having listened to the hits of a certain year, you immediately understand what worried humanity at that moment.

From the songs we learn the biography of famous people, the history of countries, cities. Music sends us informative messages, expands our horizons.

2. Music tells us who we really are

With the help of music, you can understand who we really are.

We put the words of the songs on our position in life. This helps people to open up, learn something new about themselves, go beyond the usual picture of the world or continue to remain in a cozy cocoon.

3. Music brings you closer

Interpersonal rapprochement occurs through music. Romantic music brings loving hearts closer and creates a certain atmosphere.

4. Music and bad mood

Many of us play certain music when in a bad mood. This helps to distract from problems and “heal” the soul.

Music miraculously gets into the very heart of our experiences and pulls all bad things out of the soul.

You’ve probably noticed that after the problem has disappeared, we don’t want to listen to that very melody that healed us.

The process itself resembles a confession to a priest. Once we have spoken out, we no longer return to talking about the problem.

5. Music is distracting

Music distracts us and gives meaning to boring everyday life. In short, music is a tool we use when we have nothing to do.

Also, music distracts us from unloved activities. Washing the floor, dishes, washing things is much more pleasant to the accompaniment of your favorite song.

6. Music and good mood

Good music makes our wonderful day even better. Music energizes us.

We are able to hum a certain melody for days and it does not bother us at all. We become happy, smile, give good emotions to our friends.

Now they hum your melody too. Happiness is contagious.

Music, like a gray eminence, controls our emotions. It is not for nothing that marketers love to use it in their “gray deeds”.

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