Interpretation on Matthew 24 – part four

Hi to you dear listeners, we continue our discussion of our topic “Interpretation of the 24th chapter of the Gospel of Matthew.” This will be the fourth part. I inform that the full text of this topic is in the “Articles” section. Once again I repeat the content of Article 21: ” For then there will be a great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, and there will never be .”Not a single person can now imagine the scale of the events indicated here. The entire population of the earth, except for the remnant mentioned in the Scriptures, will perish under the influence of dire omens. The righteous God “ will smite the body of everyone while he is still on his feet, and his eyes will decay in their pits, and his tongue will dry up in his mouth ” (Zech.14: 12).

The original says: the tongue “decays” in the mouth. And in Zech. 12: 4 we read that those who get involved in war will be struck by God with “ madness ”, and animals with “ rabies ”. The earth will be out of balance and will “ rock like a cradle ” (Is.24: 20). The sun will not shine, and the moon will become like blood, the stars will fall to the earth like meteorites (probably, they will also go out of their orbits, they will collide and debris will fall on the earth Rev. 6: 12-13).

The most terrible thing that will happen after 7 thunders remains hidden from us, sealed (Rev. 10: 4). Some believers aloud think that after this judgment there will still be millions of Gentiles, because such will be in the 1000 year Kingdom. Such considerations are humanly ridiculous because there is no Bible basis for it.

In verse 37 of our text, the Lord says that it will be ” as it was in the days of Noah .” If we examine the days of Noah, we will find that all but the remnant of 8 people perished !! And this is a matter of faith whether we recognize the words of the Lord as true! The first 14 verses of Matthew 24 show the first half of the 70th week, in which the Antichrist appears in the person of the 1st horseman as a great seducer; verses 15-30 describe the events of the 2nd half of the 70th week, in which the destruction of people is performed by the son of Satan, the son of destruction through the 2nd, 3rd and 4th horsemen.

Article 22 : The process of the judgment itself will have such consequences for the remnant saved in the forked Mount of Olives that it would perish if the Lord did not shorten the time of judgment. This passage of the Bible even says that with the duration of the judgment no flesh would have been saved. Through what events or activities this reduction will be carried out in detail, we do not know.

It is inconceivable that the 1260 days indicated in the Bible would be reduced in number, otherwise the Scripture would leave us with false data. The shortening of these days lies rather in the fact that the days in which the judgment is to be performed will be shortened. This means that at the end of the 2nd half of the week, the events from Revelation 19: 11-16 will bring this expected deliverance.

However, for this (and this may be weeks or months) God will interrupt his just anger and shorten the days, because in these blows of judgment on earth not only all the atheists will perish, but to great fear the elect in the face of the remnant could perish as well. The reduction of judgment will be done for the sake of the elect. But these elect cannot be numbered among the Church.

In the shortening of these days, great grace is manifested in relation to the remnant, with which a new, amazing, blessed time in the 1000 year Kingdom will begin. By shortening the time, the work of saving the remnant of Israel in justice or “truth” must be completed. In Rom. 9: 27-28 in the original we read: ” The shortened (shortened) work will be done by the Lord on earth .”

“Abbreviated” but not “emphatic” is written at the end of v. 28! From v. 29 it follows that even the prophet Isaiah points to the grace-filled reduction, which made it possible to preserve the “seed”. Otherwise, all the people of the remnant would have perished, as in Sodom and Gomorrah.

Article 23 : Due to the presence of the Antichrist on earth and the absence of the Holy Spirit, the power of lies will dominate all the people of the globe, who, for their part, are open and susceptible to the lies of Satan. And yet, despite the presence of a near-Christ, there is a search and expectation of the real Christ.

However, the promised Christ left the Father’s house empty (Matthew 13:38), because He was rejected by His own people Israel. Therefore, the communion of the Lord with His people will be restored again only at the beginning of the Kingdom of Peace, when the Israelites exclaim: “ Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord !” (Matt.23: 39).

And until the era of the Kingdom begins, as it is said at the end of the second half of the judgment time, people will seek the Deliverer and will not find Him. One slogan will be replaced by another: ” there is Christ, here is Christ .” Scripture warns: “don’t believe.” What is the sign of Christ and His coming? (Matthew 24: 3-b). When can it be reliably said: “Christ is here” ?!

The answer in v. 4 reads: “Take heed lest anyone deceive you.” The deception of people will reach the highest measure when the deceiver-antichrist is in their midst. The Word of God speaks about it here.

V. 24 : How close are we to the end of the stage of the path of salvation, to the coming of Jesus Christ for the Bride, that forthcoming events cast their shadows far away in our days! Already today Satan deceives true believers so much that many cease to understand what the truth is.

The delusion today is so great that a person who wants to turn to the Lord cannot discern what religion or direction he should join in order to receive faithful and reliable help for salvation. And we are only at the beginning of the great deception that the Word speaks of here.

False Christs and false prophets appear. But since Christ must come only when they exclaim: ” Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord, ” then all the other Christs, without exception, are swindlers and swindlers, and not messengers of God . In the last days (2 Tim. 3: 1) there will be

false prophets that God did not send appear! Do we understand this now? Therefore, all the “prophets” speaking today are sheer lies !! They are recognized by the fact that they will work great miracles and signs of lies that Scripture tells us about in 2 Thess. 2: 9. The first stage is already visible to us in mysticism.

Today, as well as later, the goal of the enemy is to deceive the very few if possible. Among the chosen ones mentioned in v. 24, we do not mean those saved by the Church of Jesus, although today, as in the first stage of the coming events, a lot of believers are deceived. In any case, during the judgment, these signs and wonders of darkness will flourish.

Article 25 : All spiritual confusion (chaos) is, in the final analysis, the judgment of God. For disorder comes through shuffling and mixing, which is the work of the devil. God begins judgment from His home, because chaos reigns in the Church of Jesus, as in the whole world.

The faithful Lord sends this to us during the time of grace, and to Israel during the judgment. We are responsible for all our actions during our life according to the Word of God, and then we must appear for all our deeds “ before the Judgment Seat of Christ ” (2 Cor. 5:10).

Article 26 : Again, the Lord warns us against false Christs, whether in the “wilderness” or in the “rooms.” This means that the true Messiah cannot be found openly (in the desert) or hidden (in the rooms). The Lord’s order says: ” don’t go out, don’t believe .”

Unfortunately, today they go to these doctors, makers of signs and wonders, to these spiritual charlatans; and, unfortunately, they believe these mystical counterfeiters. And when people turn to those, there is communication with them. The Lord forbade it! During the judgment, disobedience to God will reach the highest degree (apogee), hence the enormous power of lies.

V. 27 : In this verse we find the self-designation of Jesus, for nowhere, never, and by anyone, was He called the “Son of Man.” This title is associated with His coming to earth in the flesh, with His task, His suffering and humiliation, His rejection, His death, His resurrection, His sitting at the right hand of His Majesty, His coming for judgment, His reign in the 1000 year Kingdom and concerns the first the turn of Israel, not the Church !!

Although the Church of Christ is an expensive gem, She is more than a secondary work outside of the history of Israel. For a better understanding of the Scriptures note to himself: “The Son of Man” is the designation of Masses and in contact with the people of Israel.

His coming will be: ” like lightning comes from the east and can be seen even to the west .” The word “lightning” alone symbolically indicates His coming to execute judgment. Such a coming is by no means for the rapture of the Church. The rapture of the Church will remain hidden to a lost world. Note that the second coming of Jesus is intended for the judgment of the ungodly world, when the Son of Man will execute God’s judgment of wrath because of His rejection.

The directions “east” and “west” indicate His appearance in the whole world, to the worldwide drama of the destruction of all people. The coming of the Son of Man for judgment will simultaneously begin the 1000 year Kingdom of peace, in which the Messiah will reign. The Word tells us about this day.

Article 28 : When we look at this verse, we see an abundance of biblical messages: ” For where there is a corpse, there will be gathered eagles .” This event is a decisive statement here. With regard to time, it is about the destruction of people in the judgment of the wrath of the Holy God. The spiritual corruption or decay of the world is the cause of the coming judgment, in the process of which all people, except for the remnant of 144,000, will perish.

And when the judgment is done on the world ripe for punishment, and it begins to decompose, then the vultures will gather! Therefore, in v. 37, the Lord says that there will be a judgment as in the days of Noah. Let us examine the days of Noah in the Old Testament and it will become clear to us that except for the remnant (8 people together with Noah) all perished.

And if the Lord says that the future judgment of God’s wrath will be the same as in the days of Noah, then all people, except for the remnant, as under Noah, will perish. Some think and argue that beyond this remainder of 144,000 millions more people (later mentioned pagans) will find salvation. All these reflections are speculation and do not correspond to the messages of God’s Word. The basis of such judgments is ignorance of the teaching of God’s Word.

There is no need to reiterate all the biblical evidence at this point. Eagles should be understood as the unclean and disgusting birds named in Revelation 18: 2. Undoubtedly, here we mean the demons !, which will then appear when the antichrist (corpse) is present, obvious.

Here we mean not the spirit of Antichrist, but his person. Until, in accordance with 2 Thess. 2, the Antichrist has not yet been revealed, the Church is still on earth. But if only the Lord, at the first coming in the clouds (unnoticed for this world: without lightning), raises His Bride – the Church, then the next moment the Antichrist will be revealed, since there will no longer be the one holding him back, that is, the Church (2 Thess. 2: 6) and the Holy Spirit (2 Thess. 2: 7). Although this is off-topic, I will say it additionally for joy.

While the judgment of wrath will be carried out on earth for 7 years, the Bride will celebrate the wedding with the Bridegroom, and then, being the spiritual Christ, we will reign with Him for 1000 years (not in the flesh). But since the corpse (antichrist) will be on earth, there will be a lot of rotting, decaying, in the original in v. 28 it is written “carrion”, not a corpse.

So this carrion is the corpse of a decaying beast. On these days, the birds (demons) from Rev. 18: 2 will gather around the falling. Vultures feed on carrion. This means that during their presence in such abundance, they will have the right to torture the inhabitants of the earth, and then bring them death. This will be the most perfect communion of people with Satan, for at this time Satan will be on earth together with all his followers (Rev. 12:12).

In His judgment, God not only allows this, but even creates circumstances for it. Ultimately, the Lord will execute judgment in the place where God’s creatures sin, that is, on earth! For judgment, God will gather all the fallen angels on earth. And this gathering of “birds” (eagles) will be the judgment of death for the lost people.

Our Lord Jesus came to earth, to the place where our sins were committed, to take our judgment upon Himself, suffer and go to death. Moreover, the sinful man and the fallen angels must be brought to the place where they sinned so much. This is the reason why the earth, the place of sin, will subsequently be destroyed in fire (2 Pet. 3:12).

At this point, mention should be made of the “gathering” from Rev.16: 14, which has a certain relation to the word of our text. It should be noted with special emphasis that by this time the Church of Jesus on earth will not be!

Evangelist Matthew lived on earth during Jesus’ time and was His disciple. The Romans ruled in those days over the Israelite people and kept them in bondage. Roman legions wore their military insignia made of metal eagles on long (about 3.5 m) poles. And wherever these “eagles” accumulated there was war, struggle, the dead, decay, carrion.

But in this topic we are more concerned about the future, even if it does not even directly concern the Church of Jesus. The coming of the Son of Man for judgment (v. 27: lightning) will bring the end to the eagle and the corpse, and after that the Kingdom of peace should begin for 1000 years. But before this desired blessed time begins, what is written in verses 29 and 30 must still be fulfilled …

On this my time is up, let’s stop until next time.

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