Interpretation on Matthew 24 – part three

Dear listeners, we begin to discuss the third part of our topic “Interpretation of the 24th chapter of the Gospel of Matthew.” I inform that the full text of this topic is in the “Articles” section. At the end of the last part, we talked about v. 14, where it is expressively and unambiguously written: “ as a testimony to all nations ” will be the Gospel of the Kingdom.It is not said to all nations for salvation. When you begin to explain this to believers, many of them, due to their ignorance and unwillingness to know the truth, stubbornly remain on their false point of view. Such children of God do not even think about how much need and annoyance they cause to our Lord. Such children of God blindly ignore the wealth that is given to us – the Church – according to Acts 20:24, namely the gospel of grace !!

The testimony of God originated from Jerusalem during the time of the law (Acts 1: 8) and spread through the Gospel of Salvation “to the ends of the earth.” In the 70th week, salvation will return to Jerusalem, so that the nations will then only be given a testimony of it: “ and then the end will come, ” that is, the second half of the last week will begin and end, which, due to the mass destruction of people in court, will be at the same time and their end.

And even if we consider only the first 14 verses from Matthew 24, then with a careful and accurate verification of this interpretation, it should be established that the Church has nothing to do with this prophetic chapter of the Gospel of Matthew.

Let’s go further, however, and consider some thoughts about verses 15-30. There is no doubt that according to Daniel 9 in the first 30 verses of Matthew 24 we are talking about the 70th week. The first 14 verses describe the first half of this seven-year week, and starting at v. 15 we are in the second half.

The seven-year judgment of God’s wrath (7 means God’s perfection), the Bible also calls the “year of temptation” or “the hour of trial” (Rev. 3:10). In the first part, it was said at the beginning that the Lord had left the visible temple in Jerusalem. This interrupted communion with God: the then house of God remains empty for the people of Israel to this day.

Through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, God gave believers a new fellowship. But since Israel did not accept its Messiah, its spiritual emptiness remains to this day. God’s fellowship with the people will appear again after God, according to Joel 2:28, pours out His Spirit on Israel.

Therefore, the hour of judgment of God’s wrath for the destruction of all people, with the exception of the remnant of 144,000, is concluded in the expression: “the year of temptation.” This is the reason that in Matthew 6:13 the Lord teaches the people to pray: “ And do not lead us into temptation !” This should be clear now !! In other words, they would have to pray: not to be judged!

The Father answered this prayer by saying that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, out of love for the Father and as a manifestation of the Father’s love, went to the cross for us and there took our judgment upon Himself. From this moment on, the words of John 5:24 are valid, “He who hears My Word and believes in Him who sent Me has eternal life and does not come to judgment .” By this time of grace covers the salvation of all people who come to Him in faith and repentance.

And since the Old Testament Israel does not believe in Jesus Christ, Who took upon Himself and his judgment, he (Israel) is forced, because of the rejection of the Savior, to go to the judgment again. This judgment is the 70th week according to Dan.9.

Rev. 3:10 gives us further light regarding the request of the disciples (Israel) and the Master’s prayer: “ And do not lead us into temptation, ” which indicates the time of temptation. It says: ” And as you have kept the word of my patience, then I will also keep you from the year of temptation, which will come to the whole universe .” The Church of Jesus Christ has nothing to do with this year or has nothing to do with it, since by this moment She will already be with the Lord. According to Article 10, the year will come to the entire universe.

The Elberfelder Bible says: “Wohnerde”, which can be roughly translated: “residential land”. And in Greek it sounds like this: “oik ou mene”. According to the meaning, we can read this verse like this: “ Because you (Philadelphia) have kept the Word of God, I will also save you from the hour of the judgment of wrath that will come throughout the Ecumene .” It can be interpreted as follows: “And I will save you from the hour of temptation.”

Does this not mean that God in His Word promises the Church that she will be saved through Jesus Christ from all that contains this judgment of wrath?

It would be absolutely wrong to interpret, according to which the Church must once again go to the court of wrath in order to then be saved again (saved from this state). Such teachings or opinions are not only anti-biblical but also directed against the sacrifice of Jesus. For this special teaching would prove:

1 . That the rest of the statements (testimonies) of the Holy Word, that we will no longer go to judgment, are wrong.

2 . Jesus’ work on the cross, after all, would not have been enough for complete salvation.

3 . Justification by faith would be a utopia, since salvation would depend not only on grace, but also on works. In this case, in undergoing the horrors of the court.

Only the Israelite people, and not the Church, will fall into the time of temptation, therefore the Lord already then taught him that he would pray to be delivered from this terrible hour. The faithful Lord then answered the prayer of His people in the person of the disciples and averted the judgment by going after Israel to death and judgment.

This prayer was then heard. Today the Israelites, who do not belong to the Church, cannot apply the prayer “Our Father” in this sense, cannot pray like that, because it can no longer be fulfilled, and everyone will go to judgment.

And we, in turn, also cannot pray this prayer in the sense in which it was given to Israel by the Lord. The interpretation of the prayer “Our Father” is given in a separate sermon in the book “Selected Sermons” by Werner Bergmann.

I will only note that we cannot pray with this prayer in the sense that all this has already happened for us. If we pray like this, then again and again we will ask the Father to repeat the crucifixion of Christ! I think you understand how awful it is! Consider now verse by verse from the 15th to the 32nd.

Article 15 : The abomination of desolation will stand in the holy place, as it says in Daniel 9: 26-27. In time, this statement runs parallel to 2 Thess. 2: 4. The highest measure of demonic insolence will be the moment when Satan sits in the temple of God. This Scripture calls an abomination. This raises questions that we will discuss a bit.

The Bible doesn’t give us any message about what the temple will look like during the judgment. We do not even know in material or spiritual form this temple will exist. A typical expression in 2 Thess. 2: 4 “Naos teos” (the temple of God), which we meet again in 2 Cor. 6:16, which speaks of the temple of God and calls us the temple of the Body of Christ. Therefore, the following questions arise for us:

1 ) Doesn’t the Scripture mean that during the judgment in the 70th week, the temple of the body is spoken of in the same way as Paul speaks in 1 Cor. 6:19 during the Church? The forthcoming outpouring of the Spirit of God to Israel (not to be confused with the Holy Spirit) is associated with a remnant of 144,000 and a large number of martyrs. And it is more than striking that the Holy Word does not tell us a single word about the material temple. So the question to be asked is, is this an accident or is it God’s intention?

2 ) Does not the Word of God in 2 Thess. 2: 4 put before our eyes a spiritual connection with the temple (“Satan in the temple”)?

3 ) Is what Satan today has, through the spirit of mysticism, a place of possession in the hearts of believers (in God’s temple), a prophetic omen of fulfillment in the 70th week, where everything will be permeated with the spirit of antichrist?

The abomination of desolation is not an external chaos, but an internal, spiritual one, that is, a place associated with the temple, where Satan came to power. Under the “holy place” mentioned in v. 15, we should see only Jerusalem.

The spiritual body of Christ in today’s time of grace has nothing to do with the “holy place” of Jerusalem. There are deep connections of these messages with Israel. We must see this, therefore it is written: “when you see.” If today we no longer see this by faith, then at least we can boast of our own blindness.

Verses 16-20 . In the way Scripture addresses those in Judea, we see how powerful and at the same time unequivocal this prophecy applies only to Israel. Nowhere and no one addressed the Church in this way: ” those who are in Judea .” It’s not hard to understand. Not we, but the people from Judea will run to the mountains in the days of judgment.

The middle of the 70th week is described here. This flight is the flight of the “wife” in Revelation 12: 6, where it says: “The wife fled into the wilderness, where a place has been prepared for her from God, so that she would be nourished there for 1260 days .” 1260 days is exactly 3.5 years, which corresponds to the second half of the seven-year judgment time.

So we are looking at the middle of the 70th week. We cannot dwell on the content of individual details Rev.12: 6, since we will go far beyond the scope of our topic. Evangelist Matthew gives a deep testimony about this terrible time, when the Lord in His wrath will judge the world from heaven.

At this time, we will already be with the Lord, because we will not be judged and punished in peace (1 Cor. 11: 32b). Immediate salvation during judgment points to Israel, and salvation from judgment by grace, which is today, points to the Church. The prototype of this event is the Old Testament flood.

Then the judgment was carried out by means of water. Only Noah and his family (8 people) found salvation. These 8 souls indicate the 144,000 remnant of Israel, that is, the “wife”. Equally or similarly, these 144,000 souls will find salvation from judgment.

Before the flood, only one person found mercy in the eyes of God. It was Enoch who was “caught up”. Likewise, the Church will be raptured before the coming judgment of wrath. The question to what extent the waters of the flood of Enoch touched can be answered by comparison or comparison with the fire of judgment: in both cases – not at all !!

In Matthew 23: 13,15,16,23,25,27,29 we have a sevenfold “grief” as a precursor to an impending catastrophe. This sevenfold “woe” indicates the absence of Christ in the history of His earthly people Israel. But the Church can never exist without Christ (Matt. 28:20).

The flight described here concerns Israel and is contrasted with Israel’s departure from Egypt. In the book of Exodus, we are shown this withdrawal in tranquility, in wealth, in agreement with the world (Egypt is an image on this world). Here, however, the retreat occurs in great haste, in absolute poverty and in complete ignorance of the world.

The invitation and the reason for flight are so spontaneous and unexpected that (v. 16) believers flee to the mountains. To do this, they must leave Jerusalem. Here, this momentary event is reflected in haste.

Article 17 : Those on the roof do not have time to go down to the house to grab the necessary food and necessities. This reflects great poverty and the lack of simple, vital things.

Article 18 : ” And whoever is in the field, let him not turn back to take his clothes .” Here again great poverty and haste are reflected.

Article 19 : “Woe” is expressed to pregnant and nursing mothers. This reflects a purely human hopelessness: in such circumstances, start fleeing from the Antichrist. Without a goal, without knowing the way, without food and clothing, they make this flight. These will be the bitterest days of the remnant of Israel, as they will be finally pursued by state-of-the-art troops.

The number of refugees is considerable – 144,000. Where to get so much food, even if the enemy retreats? This will be the time of Jacob’s distress. But just as the people of Israel did not perish while crossing the wilderness, in the same way God will nourish the “wife” for the second half of this calamitous time (Rev. 12: 6).

Article 20 : Jesus’ call to the Israelites: “Pray.” The Spirit of God at all stages of the path of salvation led believers through need, adversity, and trials to prayer. So it is here. Yes, and His people cannot, during the greatest trial, judgment, not cry to Him.

How much prayer is needed for this is shown in the fact that for almost 2000 years they have been called to start praying to God. They should pray emphatically that the foretold escape will not occur in winter or on Saturday.

a ) “in winter” – associated with the cold and children will not tolerate flight. Here we are talking about a request to God to preserve life.

b ) On Saturday, according to the law, you can only walk the “Saturday road”, which is about 10 minutes of walking, which is about 1 km. To run away from a mortal enemy just one kilometer would also mean to die, that is, to die the death of the law.

Here we are aware of the spiritual condition of the refugees, they will still be closely connected with the Old Testament law. It is impossible to transfer this presentation to the Church! These events are also associated with the prayer: ” And do not lead us into temptation .” For this will be the time of temptation, into which the inhabitants of the earth must be tempted.

Article 21 : ” For then there will be a great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, and there will never be .” Not a single person can now imagine the scale of the events indicated here. The entire population of the earth, except for the remnant mentioned in the Scriptures, will perish under the influence of dire omens. The righteous God “ will smite the body of everyone while he is still on his feet, and his eyes will decay in their pits, and his tongue will dry up in his mouth ” (Zech.14: 12).

The original says: the tongue “decays” in the mouth. And in Zech. 12: 4 we read that those who get involved in war will be struck by God with “ madness ”, and animals with “ rabies ”. The earth will be out of balance and will “ rock like a cradle ” (Is.24: 20). The sun will not shine, and the moon will become like blood, the stars will fall to the earth like meteorites (probably, they will also go out of their orbits, they will collide and debris will fall on the earth Rev. 6: 12-13).

On this my time is up, let’s stop until next time.

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