Interview with LoveLetter Decor Studio

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Interview with LoveLetter Decor Studio

During the four years of Wedding Blog’s existence, we have not yet met a decor studio willing to share its experience. Each week they help our brides with ideas and instructions. Even in an interview about the studio, they could not resist and gave the brides some very practical advice. What can you save on in a wedding decor, and what not? What is important to know when choosing a bridal bouquet? How not to get lost in thousands of photos on Pinterest and choose your style? In general, if you are looking for experts in your field, consider that you have already found it.


Tell us about your studio?

Our names are Svetlana Gulnitskaya and Svetlana Malakhova, and for 6 years now we have been decorating weddings and other solemn and family events. Weddings are our main specialization and our love! Like many wedding professionals, we first learned and thought about this area when we ourselves became brides and plunged into an exciting preparation process.

Independently of each other, after our weddings we decided to try ourselves in this area – one Sveta in the same year began to arrange weddings, starting with her sister’s wedding celebration, and the other – to organize, also first for brides we know. We both took small courses in floristry and event management. There were very few courses, as well as information in general, at that time (especially compared to today’s variety), so it was clear that having received a modest basis of knowledge, we would continue to learn from our own experience. In 2012, for various reasons, we parted with our previous colleagues and met for the first time over a cup of coffee. The meeting dragged on for 4 hours, and we realized that we would work together))


You mentioned that you came into this business after your own weddings. What were they like?

Both of our weddings took place in 2011 (before we knew each other) and were very different. Sveta Malakhova’s wedding was in a vintage style: the image of the bride hinted at the art deco style, the newlyweds traveled around Moscow in an authentic Chrysler De Soto of the 1930s, and old wedding cards ordered from America were used as invitations. Sveta Gulnitskaya’s wedding was in the style of rock and roll, with vinyl records as seating cards, vivid images of the newlyweds and guests, incendiary dances and, of course, a pink Cadillac! We worked on the design and organization of our weddings ourselves, but as they say – “the tricks were performed by professionals, we do not advise you to repeat this at home”))) On the wedding day, we were both very tired of worries and responsibilities, so in our opinion, the coordinator and decorator is the bride it shouldn’t be.

How are you different from other studios?

We are in favor of a harmonious approach to design, when the decor emphasizes, rather than “overlaps” the style of the site. Therefore, we carefully develop a concept that not only reflects the character and tastes of the newlyweds, but also contributes to the natural transformation of the space. We are close to the romantic style of decoration – it can be called graceful or elegant classics. Light fabrics, muted, slightly washed out colors, and – flowers, flowers, flowers) Many colors. Maybe urban minimalism is in fashion now, but romance is ours)

How to choose a wedding decoration idea? Now there is Pinterest, wedding blogs – a sea of ideas and styles, it is not always clear which is closer to you. How to deal with this?

If there is a torment of choice, we would advise, firstly, to understand what kind of wedding image the bride wants to try on – after all, this is also part of the wedding style. It is usually easier to decide on this, because you can not just look at the pictures, but try on many dresses and understand in which image you feel comfortable – for sure it will correlate with the style that is really close to you. Plus, you can start from many other initial ones – the style of the site, the details of dating or the couple’s hobbies, maybe even some childhood dreams …

In any case, you should think broadly, not dwell on thematicity or fashion. Nowadays, as never before, everything is personal, devoid of templates. Sometimes you just need to stop and even get distracted from the wedding for a while, in order to then listen to yourself in this huge flow of information and find your own in it.


If a couple is on a budget, how do you prioritize wedding decoration? What is the most important and what can you save on?

If the budget is limited, we always advise you not to try to fit everything into it, but to work well on one area. It can be a newlywed table with a beautiful background, a ceremony or an unusual photo zone. The rest can be decorated more modestly, combining in style. So the design will have a bright element that will be remembered by guests and will set the tone for the whole decor. You can also combine zones or completely abandon some additional elements – for example, the registration area during the evening may well serve as a photo zone. Plus, of course, you should take into account the appearance and nuances of the site when choosing it: a decor in the style of a lush classic in a tent will take three times the budget than a similar one in an estate that is originally suitable in style.

We traditionally do not recommend saving money: on the bride’s bouquet, on the newlyweds’ table area, on good textiles and chairs.


Two top tips to give to brides choosing a bouquet.

The first tip is not to dwell on the perfect picture of any one bouquet. The floristic composition can be difficult to replicate exactly due to the seasonality of flowers and the unpredictability of supplies, and as a result, you can be disappointed. Therefore, it is better to pick up several bouquets of landmarks, write about your wishes and trust a good florist.

The second tip is to remember about the size and image of the bride. The bouquet should match in size with the complexion of the bride, and in style should be in harmony with the dress. A large, disheveled garden-style bouquet, despite all its beauty, is unlikely to suit a petite girl in a classic embroidered dress.


Do you have principles or aesthetic views that would make you want to give up working with a client? Does it happen that you do not find mutual understanding in the client in matters of taste?

We are of the opinion that despite all the creative component of our profession, we must still remain within the service sector – that is, give the client what he wants and needs. Therefore, we are unlikely to refuse a client because of a mismatch in aesthetic views, although we will try to gently convince him and tell him about our vision of the decor. This certainly happens to everyone who works in the field of design, and we are glad that the client often listens to our opinion and experience. We can refuse to work only when we see that the client does not care what will turn out in the end, and the criterion is an extremely low price.

The latest wedding décor trends and bridal bouquets that you love and love?

We really like the demand for unusual palettes and “dusty” colors, because we ourselves love them very much) It is also very pleasing that couples have begun to understand the charm of cozy, family weddings with a small number of closest guests and laconic decor – this is also close to us.


What ideas are you looking forward to bringing to life?

Ideas are the main value of a decorator, because sometimes there was a feeling that there was already EVERYTHING in weddings. Therefore, let it remain a secret for now, follow our work)) And if we talk about dreams, we have always wanted to arrange a wedding in a Scottish castle!

What qualities should a decorator have? Does he need an art education or another creative profession?

The decorator is truly a man-orchestra! He must be: creative, stress-resistant, fast, physically developed (and even strong), have both a creative and logical mindset, have a sense of taste, be able to sell, be a good psychologist and be able to endure prolonged loads on the legs, as well as cold and hunger) )) It seems to me, to be honest, that among these qualities, art education is in last place, in fact, it is rather a good sense of taste and proportion that is important. But of course a florist-decorator needs at least a minimal education in the field of floristry.

Do you have a big team? How to get into it?

The main team consists of three people, plus this is a lot of our permanent employees, whom, depending on the tasks, we attract to projects: florists, drivers, artists, so-called “field” decorators, loaders, installers, etc. Depending on the scale of the project, it can employ, on average, from 2 to 20 (and more) people. We are always looking for talents, especially good florists, so feel free to write to us and be sure to attach your portfolio! If you have no experience of working at weddings, you can join our team as a volunteer.


Perfect weekend?

Sveta M. – a leisurely breakfast at home, and then a walk with family or friends

Sveta G. – long and lazy

First thing in the morning?

Sveta M. – have coffee and check your mail

Sveta G. – to smile at the new day

Where would you like to live?

Sveta M. – in a beautiful large house by the water

Sveta G. – in a large house with a beautiful garden

Your childhood dream? Has it come true?

Sveta M. – being a musketeer and whispering to the fate of “Mercy boku”)) did not come true

Sveta G. – parachute jump, did not come true

If you were omnipotent and omnipotent, what would you do?

Sveta M. – saved the world from diseases

Sveta G. – would make everyone healthy and happy

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