IPOB, Cameroon’s Ambasonian enjoys global sympathy – NSA sounds the alarm

IPOB, Cameroon's Ambasonian enjoys global sympathy - NSA sounds the alarm

National Security Advisor (NSA) Major General Babagana Monguno (Retd) said separatist unrest in parts of the West African region is gaining global attention due to international sympathy.

Monguno stated this in a document he presented at the Nigeria International Partnership Forum in Paris, France, entitled: “Combating Persistent and Emerging Threats to Regional Peace and Security in Africa: A Key Role of Nigeria”.

He said most of Nigeria’s contemporary security problems are influenced or intensified by external threats in the global environment.

Therefore, “We are also exploring the feasibility of establishing a border security force in the near future to protect the border areas of Nigeria,” he said.

He added: “The activities of the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) in Nigeria, as well as the activities of the Ambazonian separatists in Cameroon, have attracted international sympathy mainly from sympathizers of the diaspora.

“However, it should be noted that the Nigerian government has never impeded freedom of expression or agitation; however, the violent confrontation and engagement of the security forces by these groups usually results in fatal accidents and other serious consequences.

“As we continue to extend dialogue as the primary means of conflict resolution in the country, the Nigerian government will continue to fulfill its responsibility to ensure the safety of lives and property against any criminal activity of the IPOB or any separatist group.”

Expressed concern over rapid population growth which puts enormous pressure on states to compete for energy, water and food to support life and economic and social development; a growing cyber awakening in which perceptions of inequality and other grievances intensify, leading to social tension and conflict; a continuation of ideological extremism, driven by religious or ethnic differences; and climate change that could lead to changes in agricultural patterns and food production risk triggering humanitarian crises if not addressed appropriately.

“All of these global security challenges have the potential to undermine national security and, consequently, national development,” he said.

The NSA said Africa’s porous borders remain a major concern as this has helped smuggling prohibited items and irregular migration, as well as other transnational organized crimes.

On current efforts, he said that Nigeria’s Customs Service has developed the e-customs strategy while Nigeria’s Immigration Service has likewise put in place an Integrated Border Management System (IBMS).

It noted that both strategies prioritize using technology to complement other existing physical border security arrangements

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