IPOB frowns at continued sit-at-home in the Southeast on Mondays

IPOB frowns at continued sit-at-home in the Southeast on Mondays

The indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) disapproved of continued compliance with the sit-at-home every Monday in the Southeast region, even after the order was canceled.

The IPOB urged residents to carry out their normal legal duties on Monday, warning that it would deal with anyone found enforcing the ban on sitting at home that day.

Since August 9, when the IPOB-first sit-at-home exercise began in the Southeast, residents continued to comply with the order every Monday even when the group canceled the exercise two weeks later.

It was noted that residents, despite the cancellation, continued to observe Monday sitting at home, following attacks launched against some people who attempted to do business on that day by some faceless individuals.

These individuals had at one point burned vehicles and other property which in turn created fear in people.

Troubled by the development, however, the IPOB said it would no longer tolerate forcing people into the home in the name of a canceled sit at home order.

IPOB spokesperson Emma Powerful said: “We want to reiterate once again that the IPOB canceled the sit-at-home order on Monday and anyone or group applying the relaxed order is neither from the IPOB nor from the group of volunteers of the IPOB.

“We are advising our people to ignore anyone who imposes the non-existent Monday sit-at-home order and to go about their normal business because those people are working for our enemies and their intention is to blackmail the IPOB and set the movement against the people but they will not succeed. Anyone caught increasing the pain of our people in the name of enforcing the Monday sit-at-home order will be treated as the enemy they are.

“Therefore, we warn these agents of darkness by using the name of IPOB to force a nonexistent sit-at-home to desist because if we hold them back they will eternally regret their evil deeds. Why should such anti-patriotic elements inflict pain on our people and drag our image into the mud? The IPOB remains a non-violent movement and our peaceful approach to restoring Biafra has not changed.

“No one has the power to enforce the same suspended sit-at-home using the IPOB name.

“The only day the sit-at-home will be observed in the land of Biafra will be when our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu appears in court and, as usual, we will make it public for all to know.

“We hereby direct community leaders, market leaders, church leaders and other institutions of authority in the Biafra Territory to arrest any thugs who seek to impose any sit-at-home on Mondays and hand them over to the IPOB. Such criminal elements must be treated in a language they understand ”.

Source: – Guardian Ng

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