Israel and the Church – Part One

Hello to you dear listeners and readers, since this is the first time I am speaking in front of an audience where I do not see the audience, I want to make a short introduction. My main goal in any service to the Lord is to glorify Him. He deserves it. Therefore, in these programs too, let us put our Lord in the center of attention.

The second purpose of this ministry of mine is to bring great joy to the listeners of His Word, because the Holy Spirit speaks in the Bible: “joy in the Lord is your strength.” We read about this in Nehemiah 8:10.My dear Jesus (I can say so, because He loves me very much) revealed to me in His grace in His Word many secrets that, if possible, I would like to tell you. And there are so many of these mysteries in Scripture that you will not stop admiring when you at least partially know about them.

Today we start our program on a very important topic, which I have divided into three parts. And if the Lord permits, with His help we will be able to understand to a greater extent all the beauty and depth of His Word. So the topic is called “Israel and the Church in the End Times.”

Immediately I want to inform the audience that in the next topic of our program we will consider “Interpretation of Ch. 24. from Matthew “. Because these two topics are closely related. These two topics are educational. Therefore, I ask you to carefully read the 24th chapter of the Gospel of Matthew, so that later you can better understand this interpretation.

The topic “Israel and the Church in the Last Time” is very relevant, and the closer the coming of our Lord for His Church, the more relevant it becomes. To their great shame, many children of God believe that the Church of Jesus must go through the days of great tribulation.

Such a formulation of the question nullifies the victory of Jesus at Calvary and the salvation of the children of God by grace. I am very sorry for them, because they do not have full joy in their salvation, in the Lord, into whose rest they did not enter. These thoughts, as well as the statement that God’s children can perish, come from Satan!

Satan succeeds in reviving and spreading such rumors due to the fact that the children of God do not know the Bible, due to their inability and unwillingness to learn how to read the Word of God correctly. But since the time of grace ends, such children of God live in fear, waiting for the hour of “great tribulation.”

This sad fact prompted me to put in order with the help of the Bible in this matter in the knowledge of such children of God. Let’s see what the Bible says about this issue. I ask the reader of this article to read the Bible carefully from now on.

I am reading from the book of the prophet Dan.9: 24-27 “ Seventy weeks have been determined for your people and your holy city, so that crime may be covered, sins be sealed and iniquities blotted out, and eternal truth may be brought and the vision and the prophet sealed, and anointed was the Holy of Holies.

Know therefore and understand: from the time the command for the restoration of Jerusalem comes out to the Anointed Witness (Christ) seven weeks and sixty-two weeks; and the people will return and the streets and walls will be built, but in difficult times. And after sixty-two weeks the Anointed One (Christ) will be put to death , and will have nothing;

and the city and the sanctuary will be destroyed by the people of the leader who comes, and its end will be like a flood, and until the end of the war there will be devastation. And one week will confirm the covenant for many, and in half of the week the sacrifice and the offering will cease, and on the wing of the sanctuary there will be an abomination of desolation, and the final predetermined death will overtake the devastator. “

The book of the prophet Daniel is rightfully called the revelation of the Old Testament. In the above four verses we have the greatest information regarding the Israelite people. The message: ” Seventy weeks are determined for your people and your holy city”, given by God to Daniel through the angel Gabriel, makes us understand that we are talking about Israel.

We can say this because Daniel was a Jew. I read further from the book of Dan.9: 20: “And when I was still talking and praying and confessing my sins and the sins of my people, Israel …”. Therefore, the punishment of 70 weeks, which is 490 years, was ordained to Israel, but not to the Church of Jesus. Please remember this! One week is also called a year of weeks: in one week we have seven days, and in a year and a week – seven years.

Throughout the Old Testament, we read about how God’s people angered their God with disobedience, unbelief, and idolatry. Therefore, “ so that the transgression may be covered, the sins be sealed and the iniquities atoned for ” of God’s people, the Lord God predetermined their punishment at 490 years.

The beginning of the calculation of this punishment is timed to coincide with the release of the order of King Cyrus to restore Jerusalem. The Lord divided these 490 years into two stages: 7 weeks and 62 weeks. 7 + 62 = 69 weeks! After 69 weeks, according to v. 25, the Anointed Witness (Christ) must come.

And with the coming of Jesus, we know the time of grace began. The time of grace is an insert in God’s Holy Plan for the salvation of people, which is not mentioned in the Old Testament. This was a mystery to the prophets. According to 1 Peter 1: 9-11, they tried to penetrate this mystery :

“Attaining, finally, by your faith the salvation of souls; This salvation included the research and research of the prophets, who predicted about the grace assigned to you, investigating to which and for what time the Spirit of Christ in them pointed, when He foretold Christ’s sufferings and the glory that followed them . 

Further in v. 26 we see that after a total of 69 weeks, the Anointed Witness (Christ) will be put to death and will have nothing . And what did our Lord Jesus want to have, why did He come to our sinful planet? Before the coming and at the time of the coming of Jesus, all pagans were atheists, Eph. 2: 11-12:

“So remember that you, once pagans according to the flesh, who were called uncircumcised, the so-called circumcised by flesh circumcision, performed by hands, that you were at that time without Christ, alienated from the society of Israel, alien to the covenants of promise, had no hope and were atheists in the world “ .

Therefore, the purpose of Jesus’ coming to earth is short, you can say in the words of John 1: 11, “He came unto his own, and his own received him not” .

The Lord wanted His people to be on his side, and not on the side of other gods. Therefore, He twice turns to Jacob to change his name, Gen. 32:28; 35:10: “ And he said: From now on your name will not be Jacob, but Israel; for you fought with God and you will prevail over people . ” “ And God said to him, Your name is Jacob; henceforth you will not be called Jacob, but your name will be Israel. And I named him Israel. “

The Lord was so persistent in giving Jacob the name Israel, because Jacob means ” Jews without God, ” and Israel is “a fighter for God !” We will return to this circumstance when we consider the topic: “The restoration of Jacob to Israel . ” And now I draw your attention to the fact that before the coming of the Messiah, Israel served 69 weeks of punishment out of 70 assigned to him by the Lord.

Then comes the insert – 2000 years of grace time, which ends. The Lord set aside His people for this time, removed them from Himself. This means that for 2000 years the Jews, as a nation in general, have been under the curse.

But this does not mean that some of them cannot turn to Jesus as individuals. They stand with the Gentiles at the time of grace on the same level: salvation by the grace of Jesus Christ through faith!

In the book of Dan.9: 25 it is written: Christ the Lord; and in v. 26 – Christ. I have cited verses from the Elberfelder Bible, which is closer to the original: v. 25 – Anointed Witness ; and v . 26 – The Anointed One . Let the reader not be surprised if I say that God has 700 names.

Since Jesus Christ is God the Sovereign, “Anointed One” and “Witness” are also names of God that the Holy Spirit gives Him in many places in the Bible. Each of these names has deep spiritual meanings. Here are some examples from the Bible.

Psalm 2: 2 ” The kings of the earth rise up, and the princes deliberate together against the Lord and against His Anointed One . 

Ps.88: 38,39 “Forever will be as strong as the moon, and a faithful witness in heaven. But now Thou hast rejected and despised; Thou was angry with Thy Anointed One . 

Rev.1: 2,5 “ Who testified the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ, and what he saw. And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness … ”

Rev.3: 14 ” And write to the Angel of the Laodicean church: thus says the Amen, the faithful and true witness , the beginning of the creation of God . 

Seventieth week

So, the Jews had to serve their sentence in one week – one year and a week, that is, seven years. Therefore, it should be firmly remembered that the judgment in the 70th week is primarily determined, as the Bible says, for the Jewish people. But together with the Jews, the whole godless world of the Gentiles will be condemned.

The Scripture divides these seven years of judgment into exactly two halves: 3.5 years each, 1260 days each, or 42 months each. Below we will consider this in more detail. Scripture divides these seven years of judgment into two periods of 3.5 years, since in their nature they will be fundamentally different from each other.

The first half is characterized by the fact that a false peace will reign on earth. Why false? Because the time of grace is over, the Church is caught up to heaven, the Holy Spirit is taken together with the Church from the earth. The Antichrist, who was revealed immediately after that, will impersonate the Messiah of Israel, and, unfortunately, most Jews will accept him as such.

False Christ

The henchman or son of Satan is called the Antichrist . But since in the first half of the 70th week he will pretend to be the Messiah of Israel, then more precisely he should be called “ near- Christ,” that is, walking in parallel with Christ. Most Jews will believe him and accept him as their savior, the Messiah.

It means that God’s peace on earth is no longer and cannot be, since the Church and the Holy Spirit will be taken from the earth! This period is characterized by relative peace, because in Jerusalem at this time there will be two witnesses of the Lord, about whom in Rev.11: 3-12 we read:

“And I will give to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy 1260 days, clothed in sackcloth …” What will they prophesy about? I draw your attention to this!

 Two witnesses of the Lord will prophesy the Gospel of the Kingdom (Matt.24: 14) to the Jews for salvation, and to the whole world as a testimony, since not a single soul outside Israel will be saved after the rapture of the Church!

Therefore, I earnestly ask you not to proclaim from the pulpit again that the time has come when the Gospel of the Kingdom is preached, because by this we show our ignorance of the Scriptures, and we nullify salvation by grace.

I will not make a discovery if I say that the Gospel of the Gentiles , which has been preached for 2000 years and will be preached until the end of the time of grace, is the Gospel of grace, which we read about in Acts 20:24 and which was given to us from the Lord Jesus through the Apostle Paul: “ But I do not look at anything and do not value my life, if only I could joyfully complete my career and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to preach the Gospel of the grace of God . 

For clarity, I will note that the entire 24 chap. from Matthew only concerns the Jewish people! (There is an interpretation for this chapter). Therefore, I ask you not to confuse the history of Israel with the history of the Church. In the Word of God, such a shift in emphasis is unacceptable!

Two witnesses from Rev.11 will be: Elijah and, in the eyes of many of God’s children, Moses. In Mal. 4: 5 the Scripture says: “Behold, I will send you the prophet Elijah before the coming of the great and terrible day of the Lord . 

Everything is clear about Elijah. Why can we assume that Moses will be the second witness of the Lord? Although the prophet Elijah is rightfully called the father of the prophets, Moses was a prophet, whom the Lord entrusted the fate of His people for a long time.

The Lord entrusted this responsible mission to Moses despite the fact that he resisted for a long time and persuaded the Lord to send another instead of him, Ex.4: 10,13: “And Moses said to the Lord: oh, Lord! I am not a man of speech, and I was like that yesterday and the day before yesterday, and when You began to speak with Your servant: I speak heavily and tongue-tied … Lord! Send someone else you can send . 

But the Lord did not deviate from His intention. Only Moses had to share the glory with Aaron, his brother, v. 14,15: “And the anger of the Lord was kindled against Moses, and He said: Do you not have Aaron, your brother, the Levite? I know that he can speak … You will speak to him and put words into his mouth; but I will be with your mouth and with his mouth, and I will teach you what you should do . 

On the part of Moses it was just unbelief, but the Lord yielded to him, since He still wanted to entrust Moses with responsibility for His people.

This circumstance is a very important argument in the sense that in the future, namely at the decisive moment – during the 70th week – the Lord will entrust the fate of His people in the hands of Moses.

This is where my time ends, we will continue this topic next time.

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