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Israel and the Church – part two



Dear listeners, today, with God’s help, we will continue our study of the topic ” Israel and the Church in the End Times .” In the last sermon we ended with the fact that we were examining who the two witnesses will be in the seventieth week. It is clearly established that one of them will be the prophet Elijah, and the second Moses. One argument for this I gave in the last sermon.

The second important argument that Moses will be one of the Lord’s two witnesses is the fact that Moses appeared with Elijah on the Mount of Transfiguration, Matthew 17: 3: “ And behold, Moses and Elijah appeared to them, talking with Him ” .At this point, the Holy Spirit even gives Moses an advantage, calling him first. This circumstance is very important in Scripture. Moses and Elijah Talk to Jesus! The disciples, of course, did not understand anything from this conversation. But it was, of course, about the further course of God’s plan for the salvation of people: both Gentiles and Jews.

And in Mal.4: 4 the Holy Spirit mentions the name of Moses before Elijah: ” Remember the law of Moses, My servant, which I commanded him on Horeb for all Israel, as well as the rules and regulations . ” Then verse 5 deals with Elijah.

I think that this is enough to conclude that the two witnesses of the Lord according to Rev.11: 3 will be Moses and Elijah.

As we have now realized, Moses and Elijah, endowed with the Lord’s authority, will prophesy the Gospel of the Kingdom to the Jews for 1260 days – 3.5 years and perform great miracles, which we read about in Rev. 11.

The words of the prophecy of these two witnesses would not have reached the goal in the hearts of the Jews if the Lord had not removed the veil from them that He put on them 2,000 years ago, 2 Cor. 3: 14-16:

“But their minds are blinded: for the same veil remains unreleased to this day when reading the Old Testament, because it is removed by Christ. Until now, when they read Moses, the veil lies on their heart; but when they turn to the Lord, then this veil is removed . 

This veil is removed from individuals of the Jewish people when they turn to the Lord during the time of grace. This veil will be removed en masse from those Jews who, in the first half of the 70th week, will accept Jesus as their Messiah through the testimony of Moses and Elijah.

What will happen to those Jews who believe through two witnesses in Jesus and accept Him as their Messiah, we read in Zech.12: 10: “And on the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem I will pour out the spirit of grace (remove the veil) and tenderness, and they will look to Him Whom they pierced, and they will mourn for Him as they mourn for their only-begotten son, and mourn as they mourn for their firstborn . 

Why hasn’t this happened before? Because the veil lay on their hearts. When the Lord removes this veil, they will understand what crime their ancestors committed 2000 years ago, and with crying they will repent and bitterly regret what they have done.

In verse 12 of this chapter we read: ” And the whole earth will mourn” … The word “earth” misleads the reader of the Bible, so that most readers come to the conclusion that the whole world is meant here. But in the original the word “country” stands in this place, that is, it means only the whole of Israel.

Now we can easily determine how many people will testify to Moses and Elijah that they accept Jesus as their Messiah. In Zech.13: 8-9 we read about this: “ And it will be (in all the earth) in the whole country, says the Lord:

two parts on it will be destroyed, die out, and the third will remain on it. And I will bring this third part into the fire, and I will melt them as they melt silver, and I will cleanse them as they refine gold: they will call on my name, and I will hear them and say: this is My people, and they will say, “The Lord is my God ! “

From Article 9 we can unequivocally conclude that in the person of the third part we should see the remnant of Israel in 144,000 people. Only the remnant of Israel will undergo purification and testing in the split Eleon Mountain during the second half of the 70th week.

It is in this event, when the Jews say: “The Lord is my God ”, we see the second address of the Lord in Genesis 35:10 to Jacob: “And God said to him: your name is Jacob; henceforth you will not be called Jacob, but your name will be Israel. And I named him Israel . 

In the first address of the Lord to Jacob in Genesis 32:28, we should see the coming of Jesus to earth. “ He came to his own, and his own did not receive Him, ” that is, God’s people remained Jacob – Jews without God. This is clear, but sad.

Remnant – true Israel

Through the testimony of Moses and Elijah, they accepted Jesus as their Messiah 144,000 + 2 x 144,000 = 432,000. Only these 432,000 who believed that Jesus is the Son of God and at the same time God, and who accepted Him as their Messiah, are real Israel – fighters for God!

Of these, the Lord will choose 144,000 and take them to the split Mount of Eleon, in order to keep them there during the second half of the 70th week, when the Lord will cast down executions on the atheists from heaven. We read about them in Matthew 24: 15-20:

“ So, when you see the abomination of desolation, spoken through the prophet Daniel (Dan.9: 27 ), standing in a holy place,” let the reader understand, “then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains; and he who is on the roof, let him not go down to take anything from his house;

and whoever is in the field, let him not turn back to take his clothes. Woe to those who are pregnant and nursing in those days! Pray that your flight will not happen in winter or on Saturday . 

From the above 432000 Lord vyberot 144,000 who heard the call of the Lord, should run according to the above result is applied in the wilderness: “And the woman fled into the wilderness, where cooked was for her places of (in split the Mount of Olives ) of God, that they should feed her there one thousand two hundred and sixty days .

And the wife was given two wings of a large eagle so that she flew into the desert to her place from the face of the serpent and there fed for a duration of time ( one year ), times ( two years ) and half a time ( six months ) (Rev. 12: 6, 14), that is, 3.5 years of the second half of the 70th week.

According to the law, an Israelite is allowed to walk on Saturday a distance of no more than 10 minutes walk, and the distance from Jerusalem (from where the remnant will have to flee) to the entrance to the fractured Mount of Eleon in the valley of Achor is at least 26 km.

The best athlete will not run such a distance in 10 minutes. It is also necessary to pray that this flight does not happen in the winter, since they will have babies with them. This flight will take place in the middle of the 70th week.

“And when they (Moses and Elijah ) finish their testimony, the beast coming out of the abyss will fight with them, and conquer them, and kill them,” because after the Lord’s assignment has been completed, He will take away their power. After the Antichrist kills Moses and Elijah, he will reveal his real face.

The man of sin is the son of perdition

We read about this in 2 Thess. 2: 1-10: “We pray you, brethren, for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering (rapture) to Him, do not rush to hesitate in your mind and be embarrassed neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by message. , as if by us (sent), as if the day of Christ is already coming.

Let no one deceive you in any way: for that day will not come, until the apostasy first comes and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who resists and is exalted above all that is called God or holiness , so that in the temple of God he will sit like God, giving away myself for God (in the first half of the 70th week in the presence of two witnesses).

Don’t you remember that while I was still with you, I told you this? And now you know that does not allow to open to him in due time. For the mystery of iniquity is already in action, only it will not be completed (the revelation of the antichrist) until the one who is holding it back from the environment is now taken away –

and then the wicked will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will kill with the spirit of His mouth and destroy by the manifestation of His coming, whose coming, according to the action of Satan, will be with all power and false signs and wonders, and with all unrighteous deception of those who perish because they did not receive love truth for your salvation. “

In these ten verses we have comprehensive information regarding the man of sin, the son of perdition, who at first, hiding his true face, through lies and cunning, will sit in the temple of God, as God, posing as the Messiah of Israel.

This he will succeed, because from his father – Satan – he will have the power to perform great signs and wonders. Therefore, most of the Jews who are still awaiting the coming of their Messiah will believe him. When the Antichrist is established in his power and kills the two witnesses of the Lord, who were an obstacle in his path, he will reveal his true face.

We can read about this in Rev.13: 5,6; 15-18 and Dan.11: 36: “And there was given to him a mouth speaking proud and blasphemous, and power was given to him to act forty-two months (3.5 years). And he opened his mouth to blaspheme against God, to blaspheme His name and His dwelling place and those who dwell in heaven.

And it was given to him to put spirit into the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast would speak and act in such a way that anyone who would not worship the image of the beast would be killed. And he did what to everyone – small and great, rich and poor, free and slaves –

an inscription will be put on their right hand or on their forehead, and that no one will be allowed to buy or sell, except for the one who has this mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. He who has intelligence, count the number of the beast, for it is a human number; his number is 666 “ .

Everything that is written in these verses speaks very clearly of the insolence, arrogance and cruelty of the man of sin, who will make the whole world tremble before him. This is exactly what the father of lies, the murderer of human souls, Satan, sought from the beginning. Through the Antichrist – his son – he will achieve this for 3.5 years, but only over the godless world.

As a result of the fall of the first people, Satan had for a long time undivided power over God’s creation – people. We read about this sad consequence of the Fall in: Is.49: 24-25 “ Can the booty be taken from the strong , and can those taken captive be taken away from the victor ? Yes! Thus says the Lord: and the captives of the strong will be taken away, and the spoil of the tyrant will be delivered; for I will vie with your adversaries, and I will save your sons . 

In the person of the mighty Scripture in v. 24 presents us with Satan. Satan is much more powerful than the children of God realize. From Adam and Eve to Calvary, humans were the prey of Satan.

By cunning, deceit and lies, Satan managed to lead the first people into sin and make them his prey. And the Holy Spirit asks the question: “Can the booty be taken away from the strong, and can those taken captive be taken away from the victor ?”

This means that all mankind has been in captivity under Satan’s rule for over 4,000 years since Jesus was born in 4005. The Holy Spirit put the reader of the Old Testament before the question: Is there such a power and authority that would be able to free mankind from the captivity of Satan? But this concerns, first of all, Israel – ” your sons “.

As a result of the violation of the only commandment given by God to people (not the fruit from the tree of knowledge), Satan became a temporary victor over God’s creation. The sin of our first parents led to this! And how many sins have been committed by humanity from Adam to the present time and will be committed yet ?! All these sins were borne by our Lord on Himself!

In v. 25 the Lord answers the question posed : “Yes! … the captives by the mighty (Jesus) will be taken away and the tyrant’s spoil will be delivered . 

By this, the Lord gives the oppressed people of the Old Testament great hope and joy in the fact that in due time, when the fullness of time comes (Gal. 4: 4), then the Son of God, stronger than Satan (now he is called a tyrant), his prey will be delivered, taken away.

Read about it in: Colossians 2: 15, ” He disarmed the principalities and powers, the power of show of them openly, triumphing over them” and in Hebrews 2: 14 ” Since the children have flesh and blood, he also himself likewise partook of the same in order to deprive him of the power of the one who has the power of death, that is, the devil ” .

Dear brothers and sisters, how we should be grateful to our dear, loving and merciful Lord Jesus Christ for the greatest salvation, which by His death He won for us on Calvary! Therefore, I remind you that we constantly overcome the laziness of the flesh and in a dignified manner glorify Him and the Heavenly Father for loyalty and great love for us – His creation.

At Calvary, our Lord became the one and only conqueror over all the powers of darkness and is now exalted over the visible and invisible creation.

There is a lot to say about the Word from 2 Thess. 2, but let me dwell only on the number 666. There is a lot of misinterpretation among the children of God regarding this number, but the correct interpretation is one and, moreover, very simple.

This concludes the second part of our topic, to be continued.

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